Watch Station International

While acting as the (shadow) Creative Director on all “new development” at Fossil I was sent to initially build Watch Station for them. However I ended up working on putting all of the new tricks from Watch Station onto the, and Diesel websites. Then to find further work for me to do; Fossil asked me to be the person in charge of flipping the sites into multiple languages. IE: Italian, German and Japanese. The tsunami hit during the Japan conversion and well, that when I was put on my next assignment, since I was technically an employee of Perficient, no matter how much I liked Fossil! I was like a squirrel in heaven there, they could have paid me in watches! Ask me about my watch collection and the ones I got for my husband, he made out like a bandit!

  • Watch Station – Power Point Design Presentation for the Shareholders Meeting
  • Watch Station – GIANT Power Point Design Reference Guide for Development

I included more screenshots to show the Comparison Shop Feature we implemented on Watch Station. Making it a unique experience. Nowhere else can you gather together a list of watches you like and compare them to each other and send out the comparison cart to your friends and have them tell you which they like the best!

WSI Header

The feature Platform stories are to change by Brand and auto rotate.

WSI Home Page

This is the entire home page showing all the features on it!

  • The Header has sections by:
    • Brand
    • Women’s
    • Men’s
    • Newness
    • Can Comparison Shop
    • Sign In or get help
    • See the 800 Number
  • Mousing over a watch shows the Brand Logo.
  • There is a comparison Cart, or view the details.
  • A slider lets you navigate horizontally.
  • At the bottom we positioned some brand messaging.

Brand Boutique

Side Navigation
-highlights key-sort items specific to the brand

Main Featured Platform Region
-Full image
can rotates through multiple features as needed.
(For launch, this will be static.)

Featured Platforms
-visual representation of featured collections
-correlates with side navigation
-horizontal scroll bar

Custom Branding
-background color can be brand specific

Platform Story B
-displays multiple platform stories
-drop down menu sorts men’s and women’s
-horizontal scroll bar

Sign in Drop Down

Sign in, get help, find a store.  Do it all here in this drop down panel.

Brand Menu

This was fun, no brand wanted to be by another brand so we told them it would be alphabetical, no if ands or buts!

Women’s Big Nav

This si the women’s section.  We featured Platform Stories, SHow some different ways of looking, like by Price Range, Platform, and the large Platform Stories images for the Brands to fuss over.