PFSweb – Smithsonian Website

This was one of the largest and robust eCommerce sites ever undertaken. This site offers an ever expanding and changing product list and availability of items. It was designed to be dynamic and maintained by College Board via a robust backend application.

This robust eCommerce site boasts a backend maintenace tool that allows the Smithsonian executive team to add, edit and delete products, categories, and dynamically change content for seasonal items or promotions.

This was an interesting design quandry, as to how to display this much product in a clear and concise manner that could be understood by the targeted users of the site which I was informed were, “all female and over 60.”

  1. View the very first design comps! View the very first design comps!
  2. The powerpoint that won the contract! The powerpoint that won the contract!
  3. The initial wireframe layout! The initial wireframe layout!
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