Marketing & SEO Experience

Marketing is not the brand, but all that goes into building it.  SEO, Social Media, Email, Ad campaigns, in-store pop, even mailers, radio, TV and billboard ads in target markets.
AFF Vendor Portal Laptop

Consumer Payment Portal Features (CPP)

Mobile Payments

Created a “Consumer Payment Portal” that allowed consumers to pay their bills via an online application designed “mobile-first”.  100% Adoption within weeks of initial roll out.

Chat Services

Built in Chat functionality allowed users to actively chat with people in the call center if they had issues or questions. 50% of consumers went here instead of calling the call center.

Social Sharing

Implemented a program for users to share their positive experience socially online. 20% of the consumers utilized this option.

CPP App for AFF

User Reviews

Built in functionality asking how their experience was after completing sign up, and making or scheduling a payment. 80% of the users polled answered surveys.

Payment Flexibility

We offered a multitude of ways to pay, weekly, bi-weekly, every other week, once a month.  This decreased the payment bounce rate 40%.

2nd Chance Program

When customers got behind on payments we offered a program to re-start their payments and not send them to collections.  Recouped 30% of charge offs.

Digital Marketing Industry Expertise

  • Sales Revenue
  • Cost Associated Per Lead Acquisition
  • Email Advertising Campaigns
  • Breed Cross-Industry Sales
  • Online Marketing ROI
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Site Traffic: Lead Ratio
  • Site Traffic: SEO
  • Site Traffic: Click Tracking
  • Site Traffic: Analytics
AFF FLash Data

“Working hard on something we don’t care about is called stress. Working on something we love is called passion.”

-Simon Sinek


Diversity and inclusion I believe is integral to any company’s vision, strategy and business success. I recognize that leadership in today’s global marketplace requires that we create a corporate culture and an inclusive business environment where the best and brightest diverse minds—employees with varied perspectives, skills, and experiences–work together to meet global consumer demands.  The collaboration of cultures, ideas, and different perspectives is an organizational asset and brings forth greater creativity and innovation. Diversity breeds innovation and rapid change in an organization and on the business model. Be prepared for organizational change and a shifts in perspective. With an average iDay I can get up to 5 new innovative ways to do business within your Industry!


“Building a solution that is not only tailored to the users but streamlines the processes involved is a work of art.”

– Faith Warren

AFF Corporate Website

My Arsenal

There is a whole arsenal of CRM Applications and Analytics Tools and a lot of practices that I bridge to be effective.

I have UX Architect and planning for new processes for business enterprises in the digital space.

I can take the 10,000 ft view and break it down into simple user experiences that translate to faster user adoption.



  • Aerospace
  • Airlines
  • Auto Parts
  • Chemicals
  • Clothiers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • COS Clinical Operating Systems
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Energy Companies
  • Finance
  • Grocery Chain
  • Government
  • Health Insurance
  • Hospitals
  • Liquor & Beverages
  • Mobile Carriers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical (Pharma)
  • Real Estate
  • Robotics
  • Transportation
  • Travel & Leisure
  • TV Business Channels
  • TV Prime Time




Leadership and direction of team or group to ensure on-time, inclusive (all applicable systems and workgroups), effective and efficient project delivery. Wide latitude for independent judgment. I act as the subject matter expert/lead for any key piece of user functionality (example: a buyer-flow).

Develop Product Strategic Direction

Identify and develop product strategy based on customer need. Develop Business Cases/Financial models and manage all aspects of a product or program from concept through to implementation to post-management. Strategically develop and manage the successful delivery of business requirements (Feature Sets, User Stories, and Epics) through an end-to-end process. Deliver cost/benefit analysis forecasts.

Manage Execution and Delivery

Manage final technical design/solutions and coordinate user acceptance testing. Accountable for pre-launch quality testing and post-delivery management of scope.


Lead reviews with Leadership and other stakeholders, as well as general communication (examples: KPI, project, and Incubator Backlog reviews).


Financial manager of the budget, including monthly, spend results tracking to the overall budget and reports to Leadership.

Provide Technical Expertise

Expert knowledge on online technology. With the increasing sophistication of the user buying-flows (examples: data-driven personalization, integration with new supporting platforms, analytics-based funnel structure, responsive design, integrated carts, the inclusion of AI elements such as recommenders and chat-bots), manage the technical experts to ensure the best delivery solutions for new initiatives.

Look at projects to see where we can make it different and thus more appealing to the end users, I am an agent of change and build to disrupt the market.

What I Can Do

Direct and manage program development and implementation, including budget planning preparation, business requirements, and measurement metrics. Define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with cross-functional and cross-operating company teams. Program management and development, including enhancements to customer experience and operational efficiency. Present project updates and status to stakeholders including Executive Management.

Why Work With Faith?

Extensively experienced UX Director, Product/People Manager and UX Designer with over 25 years’ experience in UX. Aerospace experience includes work for NASA as UX Lead.

Most recently the Director of UX and Digital Media for American First Finance, managing a team of mixed IA, BA, QA, Designers, and Developers using JIRA ticketing and AGILE methodologies. Consulting with C-Level Executives for determination of best software to use for CRN, Marketing, and Analytics as well as regarding branding and marketing techniques to reach a broader audience for the products offered. Designed front-end user interfaces customized to the needs of the end users and while integrating complex processes to save portfolio charge-offs.

Designed and oversaw the implementation of the Consumer Payment Portal (customers pay their bills).  Implemented a myriad of things to allow flexibility in setting multiple payment dates, and implemented a “Second Chance Program”.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

– Warren Buffett
CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

A Vision and Strategy for the Future

I have broad technology knowledge and the ability to devise solutions by mapping client business problems to end-to-end technology solutions. I have demonstrated the ability to engage senior-level technology decision-makers in knowledge management, collaboration, and process automation. I am a key enabler for account executives and Client Partners as we jointly pursue opportunities to bring services to market. I work closely with a local, remote and off-shore delivery units. I focus on leveraging my technical background in modern digital workplace technologies and my ability to build solutions that address employee productivity and product or engagement challenges. With my strong background in a diverse set of technologies, I help assess new technologies’ applicability and validity in solving the real-world business problems of the present and plan for the future.


UX Architect & Product Owner Responsible for building the first ever report your accident via photo application! All while working on the business workflows and implementing the UI for the new “Discounts” section. Worked on the overall site re-skinning project while acting as a liaison between developers, C-Level Executives and designers to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented while maintaining the existing application and providing additional documentation.


Culture Shock

Text to “Apply” Application

Consumers in stores that had the AFF Financing application could text to apply for financing and get an answer in minutes.  We incorporated “Identity Verification Software” into the application along with real-world location mapping to let store employees know when a person has applied in their store.

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