Professional Biography

Faith Warren

UX Architect & UX Subject Matter Expert

Specializing in User Experience Design, User Centric Design Patterns, Usability Studies, Use Case Scenarios, UX Design in Hi-Fidelity and Low-Fidelity Prototyping, Wire framing based on Business Owner Collaboration and Extensive Use Case Testing.

A bit about Faith…

I have been called the ultimate artist by friends who know me well, I sing, write poetry, paint, draw, and I think I design really impressive websites. I think websites are my greatest talent so far. I feel lucky to have found something to do for a living that I enjoy so much, it is infectious. Grumpy programmers that usually don’t let people stick their fingers into their code come to me smiling saying I improved their websites and their code.

I enjoy what I do, and it shows in my work and in my life.  I am lucky to have found something to do that lets me use my psychology background and my artist’s eye.  I like to believe it takes both of these things (including an engineering degree) to get these sites worked out sometimes.  But it is a challenge  I fully enjoy!  Everyone that works with me always comments on how happy and carefree I am am, and how much they enjoy working with me.  I have a talent for explaining things to Business Owners, Developers and Designers so everyone is in sync and there are no gray areas, yet everyone is allowed some creative input into the process.

I enjoy each new project and challenge of figuring out each new scenario for the users.  I think understanding the business is only a small piece of creating the application, you have to understand the people that will be using the application and what they want to achieve and how they are best going to get to that goal successfully.  Over the years this is an innate talent I have found to be indispensable I know users, I am a user to an extent, and so with all my background I can advocate for the best results and see the ways to improve the application to make the steps to completing their assignments simple, faster and more intuitive.  It’s also a matter of making the conversion rate faster, users that can identify the path they need to take quickly can be trained to use it faster and complete their tasks more efficiently and improve the overall performance of the application for success.  I know this and have proven it to many clients and they are happy with the results, a 200% increase in completed transactions speaks volumes when you are talking about sales and application usage.  I know it can be done and I am a complete believer in iconography being a language unto itself that can transcend the language barriers and make internationalization easier than in decades.

Professional Consulting Past

Building websites has enabled me to travel extensively within the United States. I have been to Chicago, to work on Grant Thornton’s website, New York to work on Fox Business News, Washington DC to work on the American Red Cross Website! Even sunny California and Florida, so I have seen both coasts, and I love to travel! I took a lot of pictures while traveling, you can go to my Facebook page to see them. You can see I made a lot of friends along the way. One of my mentors and an old boss Adam Doti told me that I had never met a stranger, and I hope I never do. I enjoy meeting new people and working together towards a common goal.  I have a very open personality and fit into any team environment.  I have worked with engineers, scientists, and accountants who provided requirements, even doctors, lawyers and BOY SCOUTS!  I have run the gamut and feel I can fit in pretty much anywhere.

Work TImeline

  • 2013 to 2016

    Director of UX & Digital Marketing

    Director of UX & Digital Marketing

    Joined this Finance start up with big ideas and the promise of growth hoping to make changes for the better and be a leader for them in the UX field. I had dreams of making a world class suite of applications that others would try to emulate. I wanted to disrupt the market, and make all the other financing companies take note of what American First Finance was doing and emulate them. It was a struggle, and I ultimately left to look to make an impact somewhere more agile.

  • 2016 to 2017

    SR. UX Group Manager for North America

    SR. UX Group Manager for North America

    As a XD/UX Group Manager there is a whole arsenal of CRM Applications and Analytics Tools and a lot of practices that I bridge in order to be effective in what I do. You will see that I have a lot of experience architecture and planning new processes for business enterprises in the digital space. I can take the 10,000 ft view and break it down into simple user experiences that make businesses run better and users enjoy their experiences. This translates to better business processes and faster user adoption.

  • 2013 to 2016

    UX Manager

    UX Manager

    Joined Market6 to help them build their Digital Strategy for their Brand of Products. I led the efforts to improve user experience within a variety of homegrown, CMS and foundation applications for a software for sales startup worth 120 million. The users of these applications vary from Vendors like Hershey’s and Coke, to CEO’s of large supermarket chains. It is a multifaceted application with many challenges and can definitely be called a BIG DATA application, as it manages in store inventory as well as warehouse inventory, ad sales, and forecasting. I was also responsible for maintaining Design Standards across all the Market6 applications.

  • 2010 to 2012

    Lead UI/UX Technical Architect & Engagement Manager

    Lead UI/UX Technical Architect & Engagement Manager

    Consulting for Perficient as a part of the User Experience Practice in Minneapolis. I worked on new web strategies, and helping build and participate in the User Experience Design space as an expert who has been a consultant on many fortune 100 client web applications. My job was to design, implement and build applications within their User experience Practice. Roles included; Product Owner, UX SME, Information Architect, User Interface Designer, and User Experience Designer; building design mock ups, prototypes, user test cases, workflows and wireframes.  I also did usability labs and user acceptance testing.

    Advance Auto Parts (Lead UX Architect & Engagement Manager) Interface with the Business Owners doing analysis, design, and enhancements for the “Find It Fast” (FIF) application slated to replace their existing Point of Sales Application in over 300 stores, which is intended to also serve as kiosk in stores and eventually be online. I led a team of over 40 resources consisting of UX Designers, Developers, DBAs, Business Analysts, and mixed resources from Perficient, AAP, and other agencies.  Was also the Engagement Manager – managing the resources on site that were working to redesign the corporate intranet, and extra-net resources.

    DELL/Integridy (Lead UX Architect) Participated in analysis, design, and enhancements for a business to business application cross selling other companies products alongside theirs for computers, laptop and other hardware manufactured by Dell. Designed and tested high-fidelity wireframes of the application for Business Owners to use in sales pitches and User Testing and Training. Also conducted a training class in Axure to get developers, designers, and Business Analysts up to speed to start prototyping the application and capturing the requirements in one location.

    LENOVO: Participated in a 7 person team doing analysis, design, enhancements and testing of a customer facing and call center application to troubleshoot and provide warranty parts replacement for computers, laptop and other hardware. Delivered the final high fidelity mockups and participated in the wire framing and requirement gathering.

    First Data Corporation: Participated in a team doing analysis, redesign, enhancements and testing of a customer facing and call center applications to troubleshoot and determine the best way to approach uniting all their internal one off applications built for credit card processing. Participated in their User Testing and Data Analysis as well.

    DEED White House Project for Unemployment Benefits
    Participated in functional wire framing of the ReEmployment section of the Website for Unemployed people reaching the end of their benefits. This was a project commissioned last minute by the White House to address the needs of users loosing their Unemployment Benefits (referred to as 96’ers), that would need more help finding jobs and other benefits, when theirs ran out at 96 weeks. Banners on and other government agency websites would be pointed and redirected to this site for information. I was told that even the Secretary of State reviewed the section we created and gave us kudos! It was a very short lead time, 2 weeks, from conception to completion.

    Fossil: Acted as the UI Lead and Engagement Manager for multiple teams of internal and external (Perficient) resources for the new website where all the Brands Fossil sells will be selling and marketing their in house Brands on one site. The website works with the individual brands to create a unique branded microsite as well as sell their products inline with all of the other brands Fossil Watches distributes. I also worked on the Diesel international websites, and worked on making all of the International websites for Fossil brand in Japan, Germany, Italy and many more countries.

  • 2007 to 2009

    Senior Creative Consultant

    Senior Creative Consultant

    I was employed by Vignette Corporation as one of three “Official VPS UX Consultants” in the United States implementing their CMS Portal application.  UX only flew into tornadoes, was a saying we had.  Because back then UX was a utility knife to go get a project back on the path with their offshore team in India, so it was definitely “Trial by Fire”.  But I loved it and my team were always awesome.  It was usually just a disconnect between someone in charge of the project (Product Owners) and Developers or Designers.

    UT Southwest: Responsible for implementing the new UI design for the UTSW website on Vignette Portal. The site re-design project in Vignette Portal acting as a UI Designer and liaison between developers, business owners and a design firm to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented and coded as documented. Was also a hands on CSS UI Guru implementing the design into the Vignette Portal application.

    CSAA: Responsible for implementing the new “Discounts” section. Worked on the overall site re-skinning project in conjunction with Adam Doti as a liaison between developers, business owners and designers to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented while maintaining existing and providing additional documentation.

    HMA: Health Management Associates Inc: Responsible for designing and implementing a new Vignette Portal application to replace their current PULSE system and a product McKesson had installed in hospitals HMA was buying.  The application is used by doctors and nurses to handle the day to aspects of dealing with Patients in a hospital environment, and interfacing with a myriad of lab companies, and imaging companies that do CAT scans MRI, and x-rays. Designed; Workflows, Use Case Scenarios, Functional Wireframes, and Mockups for the actual site design. Began the implementation within the Vignette Portal before the project was put on hold.  But when Vignette laid me off in January of 2009, I worked directly with HMA to complete this project and it is now live to over 300 hospitals on the East Coast.

    The American Red Cross: Lead the User Experience and re-branding effort for the American Red Cross corporate organizational website. Liaison between developers, business owners and designers to ensure new branding and requirements are implemented as documented while providing a lot of that documentation and implementing the new design into the Vignette Portal application.

    Travel Channel Responsible for helping implement design changes into the website, and helped develop the UI wireframes, and other Information Architecture Documentation to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented.

    NBC iCue: Responsible for helping to implement UI elements within a design built by another firm for the NBC iCue Team to insert a new portlet into the website that adhered to the company’s branding and requirements.

    PepsiCo: Responsible for helping to design the UI elements within a design built by another firm for the PepsiCo Team to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented.

    Fox Business: Responsible for implementing a design built by another firm for the Fox Business News Team and VPS professionals to ensure new branding and requirements are integrated as documented.  Was sent in to assess why the project seemed to require and endless march of VPS people and they couldn’t seem to get a handle on maintaining it themselves.  The disconnect was their use of interns for site updates.  

    Grant Thornton: Consulted on the User Experience and re-branding efforts for the entire Grant Thornton’s corporate internet site. Acted as the Product Manager and liaison between developers, business owners and developers to ensure new designs, branding and requirements were implemented as well as documented.

    GE Money: Responsible for design comps, workflows, wire-frames, and implementing the User Interface Design.  Was a solo maverick on the ride for GEMoney with no strings and a lot of enthusiasm to achieve their goals.

  • 2007

    Information Architect & User Experience Designer

    Information Architect & User Experience Designer

    As an Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Ektron CMS Specialist I helped design and implement the following websites:
    Premier Healthcare Providers Corporate Website Redesign – utilizing Ektron an external companies’ CMS

    Premier Healthcare Providers 3 Subsidiary Website Redesign – utilizing Ektron an external companies’ CMS

    Express Scripts – Pharmaceutical Company the provides 3 months supply of a patients drugs at a time, redesign and repdeploy their application on another platform utilizing JAVA

    Vail Resorts – User Experience Brief for the Vail Colorado Resorts

    Cymbalta – – IA on various functional aspects of the website.

    Mezavant Sales Aid for UEGW Conference – Workflows and Wireframes for a touch screen interactive sales aid for the UEGW conference is Paris, France

    Johnson & Johnson – Competitive Site Reviews of 5 DePuy websites that are arthritis related

    Kimberly Clark – Competitive Site Review of Huggies, Kleenex, and Scott Tissues

  • 2007

    Director of Marketing & Application Development

    Director of Marketing & Application Development

    As Director of Marketing and Application Development I was challenged to lead the Marketing and Application Development initiatives for True Solutions Inc. I worked on redesigning the Website, Network Infrastructure, and managed the day to day Network Operations. I also designed and deployed new Marketing strategies and collateral. Working with TSI, I had the opportunity to be creatively challenged and be a part of a rapidly growing and inspiring company. TSI is certified by the Project Management Institute© to Educate the top Project Managers in fortune 500 companies all over the world and maintains offices in Asia, India, Australia, and Brazil, TSI is growing at an astronomical rate, and has trained some of the best professionals in the field. I was honored to be working with the caliber of people TSI put into place and know this company is going places! IT infrastructure just wasn’t my cup of tea, and I left after fixing the Network and getting TSI on track with their Marketing initiatives and implementing a junior web master to further their efforts at a lower cost.

  • 2005 to 2007

    Information Architect & User Interface Designer

    Information Architect & User Interface Designer

    User Interface Design, JAVA, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, HTML, JSP, XML, Manugistics, iSeries/AS400.

    Manugistics – Redesigned the “out of the box” Manugistics Application.

    AS400 On Call Database – PHP Help Desk Application for the people who are on call for AS400 Issues (Internal Website not view-able outside the Firewall).

    Customer Invoice Inquiry – New Java application for customers to view their invoices online.

    Weighted Averages – New Java Application for the Distributors to use to determine the best prices to charge the end consumers.

    Trade Development Knowledge Cellar – Java Application that allows the “Trade Development” people to share and collaborate data online.

    Glazers Information Systems – PHP Portal and Forums for the Application Development Teams (Internal Website not view-able outside the Firewall).

    Developer Committee Website – HTML Website for the Developer Committees.

  • 2003 to 2004

    Owner : Information Architect / User Interface Design / Web Master

    Owner : Information Architect / User Interface Design / Web Master

    Dallas Marine & Reef was the culmination of my passion for Saltwater Aquariums.

    Dallas Marine was a retail website to sell fish, corals, and invertebrates online. I built the site with ASP pages utilizing VBscript and a SQL database. Some XML was used to connect the Merchant Card Services to the website to have a seamless online retail application. This site was mirrored for Dallas Reef whose aim was to wholesale to the petstores. Functionality like Invoice tracking and ticket tracking was implemented in the Reef site. Needless to say, importing fish from an ever decreasing pool of reputable suppliers became a daunting task. After great losses when importing I decided to stop importation, and have since closed the store.

  • 2001 to 2003

    Creative Director of eCommerce

    Creative Director of eCommerce

    With PFSweb I was the sole creative talent doing all of the website Design, Architecture, and Development. I acted as an everyday liaison for day to day changes for client websites for companies like Motorola, Intel, Roots, the Smithsonian, College Board, and HP. As Creative Director I functioned in designing the pages for every website that PFSweb clients requested. Functioning as a part of the business team I developed mock ups and detailed site layouts and architecture diagrams, as well as hands on coding and implementation of websites.

  • 2000 to 2001

    Sr. Web Developer

    Sr. Web Developer

    LEAPnet bought SPR, Inc. an Irving based business to strategically position themselves with Broadvision to implement cutting edge websites that would integrate seamlessly with their ERP back end.

    With LEAPnet I had the honor of building WalMart and Sam’s Club’s Broadvision websites when Broadvision was the new up and coming application. With a stunning price tag of $1 million dollars for just the software, the price tag for the development staff was a whopping $2 million. The application was robust enough to cater to any niche in society by gathering buyer data and presenting a custom “Buyer’s View” tailored to that buyer’s preferences and buying patterns. Working as a designer, coder, and all around “do it now” gal, I helped implement one of the industries most viewed eCommerce applications.


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Adobe Page Mill 3.0
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe In Design
Corel Draw 6-12
4 Color Print Processing
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Design Layout
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Hi-Fidelity Design
Page Layout
Quark Express
Web Design

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Adobe Frame Maker 10 XML Editor
Adobe Flex Mobile Dev
Blue Martini
Commerce Server
Kentico v1.8b.5 (
Open Source (Java CMS)
Rational Rose Confluence
PHP Nuke
Web Sphere
Word Press



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Applications Administrator - CM
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