My Hobbies

BACA Bikers Against CHild Abuse

Harley Davidson V-Rod

My husband and I bought Harleys in July of 2006 and are avid riders now, even joining a group called BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse). The charter for BACA is that we empower children to stand up in court against their abusers (as the parents are often called as witnesses in court so the children end up facing the perpetrator on their own). So we work with the Child Advocacy Centers and adopt the children early on as our “little brothers and sisters” and we become their support system during the trial and forever thereafter. We use the biker persona to empower children to stand up in court and put the bad guys in prison. The work I do with BACA makes me feel great and it is a great group of people, if you ever saw that movie “Wild Hogs” the people in BACA are not the stereotype they are Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and professionals from many industries.

Congo African Greys

Birdy Love

In case you couldn’t tell, I am a little bit crazy for birds. My first bird was a cockatiel, and now I have two Congo African Greys, reputed to be the best talkers. I used to breed birds when I lived in Atlanta and raised many clutches of Conyers, Cockatiels, and Parakeets. But all that tweeting gets on ones nerves and now I am down to two babies that are hand tame and love kisses.

They do have it in for my husband James however, biting him whenever he gets anywhere near their beaks!  One is 25 and the other is 19, we got the second one as a mate for the first.  Turns out the older one was a female, so now I have two females!  When I separate them they pluck themselves.  So I am stuck with to girls forever!

Iggies & Min-Pins

Here Come the Puppies!

We had two rescued Italian Greyhounds (mini Greyhounds). I adopted two of the three dogs from the Italian Greyhound Rescue Society. They were my surrogate children as we don’t have any kids. So they were our “kids” per say.

Unfortunately all our Greyhounds have passed away and we are now the parents of three Min Pins. I bought three at once in my grief over loosing my favorite IGGY baby. Our new house has a pool and Iggies can’t swim and they have a bad habit of falling into pools and drowning. I would have adopted Iggies again, but the pool was definitely something that made me re-think it, my two Iggies at one point in their lives ended up in the pool but I was there to save them in seconds. I had to restrict their use of the back yard too, so I decided to get something that can swim, so here come the Min Pins! 

I used model/rival training techniques and within a few weeks all three were “potty trained”.  I highly recommend getting 3 of everything, aside from the vet bills, all the poo, and dog food, training was easier than any of the dogs I have adopted in the past.

700 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

One of the greatest passions in my life was a 700 Gallon (1,080 Gallons total) reef tank stocked with rare corals and fish imported from all over the world when I had an Importation license and sold to local fish stores. Our tank and it’s critters have been featured in magazines like (the cover on the left I refer to as Fish Porn Magazine – those are our Mandarins Mating) Wild Reef. I feel like I am an expert plumber, electrician, and water purity specialist. Having to learn everything from what types of lighting certain corals require, to what minerals to put into the water to feed them when using synthetic sea salt… Owning an Aquarium of this size was a daunting task, which I eventually gave up on, when every vent in my house was rusted as were all the tools I owned. Once I got the Harley there hardly seemed time to take care of the tank.