LeapNet Flash

This section is dedicated to some projects we worked on while I was at LEAPnet. Some are just Flash cards, or Business related Flash, and Flash Games.



The Hoop Cats Flash Game was a fun little project I worked on while at LeapNet for the Warranty Superstore! We made up the cat sounds ourselves, designed the clipart of the cats, rats, people, and crowd. We designed this game in flash back when marketing through action-script games going viral were beginning to attract attention to your website. I hope you enjoy playing the game! We even had dolls made up of the “Hoop Cats” that we regularly beaned each other in the office with. No cats were harmed in the making of this game, but some toy cats and humans sure did! Note that once the game is over there are some buttons that will take you out of my site to the Warranty Superstore in it’s current state.