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Worked on Watchstation International as the bedrock for

American First Finance

I developed the customer experience design and worked with all the C-Level executives in the company to craft a vision for the company corporate website.  When I started at AFF, their website resembled something from the 80’s and their image was not one to promote trust that the company was indeed cutting edge or had technology new customers might want to use based on the serious lack of design on the corporate site.  Once complete however the company gained over 40% new revenue and additional holistic companies that used the site to sign on and receive their financing options for their store customers. 

Lenovo Support Site

This site was wireframes and then I designed the pages to conform to the woreframes to achieve a number of business objectives.   One was to create a way for users to determine if their laptop was still under warranty.  Another was to create a set of iconography across the entire site.

AAA Auto Phone App

Was the first app to let you take pictures of your car for a claim.   Was subsequently copied by every insurance carrier with a mobile application.


Built the Mockups of this app for Home Depot when Click Here was trying to get work. 

Progress Energy

Designed and developed a cross-platform experience for Progress Energy.

This included:

  • A new web site redesign
  • Conversion of traditional offline communications to an interactive iPad application
  • Creation of a customer mobile site that was optimized for iPhone and Android devices

This experience was validated for against section 508 guidelines and WCAG Level 2 compliance through an extensive accessibility review.


I lead the efforts to improve user experience within a variety of homegrown, CMS and foundation applications for a software for sales startup now worth 120 million.

The users of these applications vary from Supermarket manager to their Vendors like Hershey’s, Coke, Frito Lay, Land of Lakes, P&G and more.

It was a multifaceted application with many challenges and can definitely be called a BIG DATA application, as it manages in store inventory as well as warehouse inventory, ad sales, and forecasting.


These were the final Home page screens for mobile (they also conceded it for web) and phone.

Global News in Tablet view wraps to two images and three down, with the MyWorld View, Division, and Industry buttons at the bottom.

On swiping up or down the MyWorld View tab becomes active and shows the next section.

The buttons at the bottom act as anchors as well and jump you to that section.

Clicking on an image takes you to the Article View.



Heath Management Associates is a perfect example of iconography winning the day. We gut checked the icons to see if the users associated the tasks to the icons and increased click through the application by 200%.

English as a Second Language Users (ESL) also increased their productivity by 75% and the turn around to discharge patients went up by over 150%!

This site has been designed with interchangeable CSS to mimic the coloring of any Hospital it was implemented in. A marvel when done in 2007, and still good looking by today’s standards.


Medical Applications

Various Medical applications I was contracted to work on through Consulting agencies.


Built the Rogaine site while with PFSweb.

Contact Faith Warren

Please if you are a recruiter, I am looking in Dallas, TX and not willing to relocate.  I am also looking for Senior UX Roles, like Director, Manager or Architect.


Howard Hambleton
CEO of American First Finance
Faith, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate you engaging yourself into our business so quickly. I get inspired each and every day when I see the concepts and work being put forth by you. We have so much opportunity when it comes to user experience across all user groups. Your passion for your work shines through. Thank you, Howard
June 16, 2017, Faith worked directly for Howard as his Employee
Scott Roush
Manager at Pariveda Solutions
Faith Warren was installed as the “Director of New Development” while James Head managed ongoing updates to the existing Fossil website. The WSI site was built to be the possible underpinnings of Faith brought me onto the project and Perficient as a UI Developer and Managed me directly. She worked with Management to convince them to use triggered APIs to bring products to the top of the site based on user clicks. This in turn made her work with all the Product Owners to re-shoot all of their products before Kosta (the CEO) would agree to go live. She continues to be a great mentor and friend.
Eric D. Brown, D.Sc.
Consultant / Entrepreneur
I hired Faith to help with information architecture and Web Design while at the Boy Scouts of America. Faith’s ability to merge design, information architecture, usability and web strategy provided a great deal of value to the web team at the BSA. Unfortunately, shortly after hiring Faith, I left the BSA – but in the short amount of time she worked for me I was impressed with her work.
Andrea Bierschenk MBA, MS
Program Manager for Population Health at UT Southwestern Medical Center
Faith has a unique combination of creativity and excellent business sense. She also has an impressive ability to adapt quickly to new organizations. Faith quickly assesses what needs to be done and acts decisively. I would work again with Faith in any organization
Recommendation on LinkedIn
August 18, 2010, Andrea worked with Faith at Blue Cross Blue Shield
Asif Ahsanullah
Management Consultant
Developing a great software solution requires a skill that is beyond programming; in other words, user experience matters. Faith is one of those individuals who induce real value into a software solutions by developing the foundation and enabling developers build quality and valuable solutions. She has helped clients with solution that positively effective the bottom line of the business. Her academic knowledge in psychology coupled with years of professional experience is a cocktail for value generation. She is detailed oriented with excellent problem solving skills. I see her as the ice breaker and a great helper. She is an asset for any organization.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
December 2, 2009, Asif worked directly with Faith at Blue Cross Blue Shield
Sree Turlapati
Chief Technology Strategist
Faith is gifted artist. Her enthusiasm can be contagious in a very positive way for any project team. She is extremely hardworking, passionate and brings multitude of skills to the table. She is a rock star in user experience; project teams are lucky to have her on the team…
Recommendation on LinkedIn
September 20, 2011, Sree worked with Faith at Vadyas Consulting on the HMA Project
Mario D’Anna
Software Architect at Open Text
I worked with Faith at Vignette and found her to be very professional and really seemed to enjoy her job and working with other people. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a UI/UX Designer and Developer, and think she could fit in with any type of crowd, she is friendly, courteous and has a very likable personality.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
May 20, 2010, Mario managed Faith indirectly at Vignette
Vijay Prasad Gupta
Marketing Technology at Google | Digital Marketing Solutions | Marketing Strategy and Transformation | CMS & DAM SME
Faith is a very talented creative designer and information architect. Her understanding of creative web technologies and web branding is superior. What makes her more valuable is her dedication towards delivering the best under tough deadlines and her ability to question an existing design and suggest alternate solutions. She will be a valuable asset for any team.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
May 21, 2009, Vijay Prasad worked directly with Faith at Vignette
John Mason
Architect at Adobe
Faith is diligent and knowledgeable. She has a great passion for the industry, extensive knowledge in creative web technologies, and has great attention to detail. I worked with Faith on a very difficult project and she continually met and exceeded the expectations. Faith would be a great asset to any organization. I truly enjoyed working with her.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
January 22, 2009, John worked directly with Faith at Vignette
Jitender Singh
UI/UX Designer / Developer
Faith Warren is the most talented, committed and intelligent UI Developer, Designer and Vignette Professional within Vignette Technologies. It has been my pleasure to work with her. She also is a great communicator who worked well in cross-functional teams.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
September 3, 2008, Jitender was with another company when working with Faith at Vignette