Important Notes

No login information or other data is necessary to progress through the prototype.

Throughout the prototype, you will see hyperlinks contained in parentheses.
These links are for prototype navigation only and will not appear in the final application. They are used to show alternate versions of the same page depending on variables such as user type or group size. They are also used to show alternate paths depending on selections made.


Application Graphic User Interface Prototyping Charter

The prototype is not the end-all be-all resource for illustrating application functions and features, and must always be accompanied by a specification document. The prototype will show look-and-feel and navigation, where as the specification document will provide details of logic and functionality.

The only scripting and coding included in the prototype is that which will carry over and be used in development of the application. Occasionally we will include prototype-only scripts for navigation purposes since the prototype is running off-line. These scripts are always commented as such and will not run nor break if carried into development. We will not provide scripts to dummy functionality or data into the prototype. These features must be documented outside of the prototype.

Business Acquisition Screencasts
End-to-End Use Case Screencasts
Developer Resources

Pieces designed that are not incorporated in the main prototype:

Data Loading Popup
Data Entry Fields
Convert Textarea to HTML string