I was reading an article by D Bnonn Tennant and realized that, yes, I SCREAM for attention.  I’ve found that most websites don’t write compelling copy and that businesses rarely pony up good money for content, and I find that VERY SAD.  “Good copy is like a .44 Magnum that blows your head off” but everyone seems to be firing blanks out there.  So how can we engage users who are more and more tech savvy and watch u-tube more than TV, post to their Face Book while they are eating and text while driving?  Oh yeah I did!

Get higher caliber people to write your content!   Your IT department isn’t equipped to know what your Brand strategy is, and Marketing isn’t nimble enough to know what your Digital fingerprint is.  So engage with a marketing advertising agency that can tell you how to go about coalescing your marketing, branding and digital experience and engaging your entire digital ecosystem into the experience.

Now that I have met some savvy writers, and strategists after being in the “lone gun” in a lot of consultancies, I see the value of working with creative writers now.

The Richard’s Group did the commercial for Fiat with the sexy Italian Catrinel Menghia where the guy appears to be looking up her dress and she “scolds him” but all along he is ogling the Abarth race version of the Fiat. To get the work TRG did the first commercial FREE!  Yes, loaded .44 Magnum, that what agencies can bring to the experience.  I have learned a lot being a part of an agency.  So if you think your copy is a bit stale and doesn’t engage the readers, give an agency the chance to make your company a Game Changer.  Just by upping your game with your copy, or even changing the trajectory of how you engage your users, I believe it can help, heck I can guarantee it won’t hurt!