PFSweb – HP Design Comps

A very robust custom application created for HP, utilizing ASP pages, VB script and a SQL database that interfaces with the ERP back end. Some XML was utilized in the merchant cart interface and uses com objects to identify users when logging in and purchasing.

The HP Procurve administrative application was a custom built tool to allow HP to track and maintain all of a company’s data, from business licenses to school certificates.

This robust back end maintenance tool allows the HP executive team to add, edit and delete products, users, and maintain different pricing levels very simply.

HP has a very astringent 200 page document detailing exactly how far apart each cell in a table is, down to what colors and layouts can be used for certain pages. Despite these harsh guidelines I had a lot of fun designing the pages and the architecture for this site!

These sites are password protected, screenshots were taken to give you an idea of the pages, coding, and design involved.