Glazers Wholesale Liquor Distribution

Glazers Manugistics Resurface

Manugistics is an online supply chain planning tool.
Worked with Max Harris, Robert Steffler, and Mekonnen Kassa

Design 1.0 – Updated 2-14-06

Glazers Online Customer Invoicing

Glazer online customer invoicing page design and layouts.
Working with Valene and Sharon Davis

Design 1.0 – 12-07-05

Glazers Weighted Averages

Weighted Averages page design and layouts.
Working with Darold Rudolph, Sharon Davis, and Rechelle Pace. The goal of this application was to give customers the best prices based on Vendor discounts (for instance a liquor company may give rebates to Glazers’ for buying a large quota). Discounts needed to be passed to the customers, while also calculating the case prices and other data for discounts that Glazers got for buying liquor at such a large scale.  It was the case of fractional pennies meaning millions in sales if the calculations could be done accurately.   This was entirely built in-house as nothing like this ever existed before, so Glazers could literally offer the most competitive rates and sell higher volumes.

Glazers Trade Development Knowledge Cellar

Trade Development wanted a site to collect data, these are the comps of that website.
Worked with Sharon Davis and David Siebert.

Glazers’ Corporate Redesign

Glazer Corporate website page redesign and layouts.
Working with Sharon Davis

Design 1.0 – 10-13-05