Category: Work Flows & Process Flows

Work Flows & Process Flows Work Flows and Process Flows describe in detail key functions users will perform. Workflows record steps that target audience members must follow and the functions associated with each discreet task. Mapping interactions ensures the target audience experiences a logical flow during the process.
Answers the following questions:

  • What user steps are required to perform the function/task?
  • How can the client be sure of a good user experience that will promote a strong brand?
  • What backend functions are involved during the use of this feature/functionality?
Provides the following benefits:

  • Structures tasks to best fit the capabilities of the user with those of the server/backend (provides a visual depiction of user and system interactions)
  • Serves as a development map for the Technology Services team to build the site interactions
To accurately portray the major usage scenarios, the designer creates usage flows that identify the key decision points along with the design system action for each user response. The helps set the groundwork for the requirements of the site.