Category: Variation Designs

13 1 Illustrate the look and feel of designs that vary from the basic homepage, secondary, and tertiary page designs. Also show(s) alternative views of print media ads.
Answers the following questions:

  • What will my site look like beyond the main pages?
  • How many different page templates will we need?
  • How will pages with functionality be different from other pages?
Provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures that the client approves variations to the standard template before development begins
  • Allows client to see the look and feel vision extended to the complete site
  • Ensures all visual elements are accounted for, even on functional pages, without having to produce a unique design for each one

I do a ton of work on variation designs both in wireframes and in the hi-fidelity comps the Business Owners end up receiving. It is a common enough practice to show several variations of a design to encompass what every layer of a site or application may look like. For instance for template purposes, or even breaking down the content into “portlets” that can be visible on many pages. There is an art to showing how useful construction of “pieces” of page or “code” can be reused in a different page with a different look or placement. You must always be aware that design is an iterative process and what you hand a customer may ultimately be impacted by designers, developers, even the business themselves, so you have to be open to make changes and “variations”.