Category: Style Guide

Style Guides Provides a summary of the product or web standards that guide the User Experience team during development, including site design standards and page styles.
Answers the following questions:

  • How can the client ensure online branding reflects offline standards?
  • How will the client's company preferences for content be followed?
  • How will the team document the standards developed and agreed upon?
Provides the following benefits:

  • Sets specific standards aimed at supporting the client's brand and mission
  • Provides a comprehensive documentation of standards for the client's site up front and throughout the process
  • Promotes consistency, which in turn promotes quality, usability, and accessibility

This gude works as a foundation for all future development and ongoing efforts to unify the look and feel of applications that are in a future state of release or additional products or functions that may be added at a later date. By providing documented guidelines you can insure that your intranet, extranet, and corporate websites share a unilateral look and feel and any applications that your IT department adds can seamlessly blend into your enterprise.