Category: Content Outlines

Content Outline A Content Outline provides a clear overview of what information will be on each page of a website and where that information is coming from.
Answers the following questions:

  • From where will all of the facts used to write this web site be pulled?
  • Have we gathered all of the resources needed to complete this web site?
  • Which selections of the web site need more information to be completed?
Provides the following benefits:

  • Organizes all of the information that will be used to write the content for the web site
  • Clarifies, for the client, how the information they provide will be used and what information still needs to be provided
  • Serves as a building block for the reference binder
Users can feel lost even in a relatively small information space that is not well organized. The problem becomes even greater when you consider the possibility that people can arrive at any given web page from any other page on the web. They may not always enter your site from your home page.

Information architecture focuses on designing effective navigation, organization, labeling, and search systems. It is an interdisciplinary field that draws upon the research and practices of information and library science, computer science, graphic design, and psychology. The role of the information architect is crucial to the planning and conceptual design/redesign stages of web development, as good information architecture lays the foundation upon which a website is built.