Author: Faith Warren

About Faith Warren

Rumor has it that when George Michael sang, “You gotta have Faith,” he was actually telling brands in the future that if they wanted their customers to have great digital experiences, they needed Faith Warren as their User Experience Architect. Mr. Michael has yet to confirm or deny.

Faith began her career in User Experience Architecture at Vignette – a CMS application catering to clients like Travel Channel, NASA, and Martha Stewart. OpenText eventually bought it out. She then moved to a consulting agency called Perficient, Inc. where she architected information for clients including Advance Auto Parts, Dell, and Fossil.

Now at Click Here, Faith continues to polish her craft of perfecting the user experience, and making all things online intuitively easy to use. She’s the wizard that allows brands’ wishes to get granted by making sure the user knows what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Her favorite part of the job is finding the challenges each project presents and figuring out which hat she needs to wear to make them magically disappear.

Faith lists her three biggest weaknesses as really fast cars, really fast bikes, and small electronic gadgets. It makes perfect sense then that she owns a Harley Davidson V-Rod and is a member of the best kind of biker gang – Biker’s Against Child Abuse (BACA).

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