Advanced Auto Parts Intranet Concept

As the Lead UX Architect & Engagement Manager for Perficient I interfaced with the Business Owners out at Advanced Auto Parts. I did analysis, design, and enhancements for the Corporate Intranet as well as the “Find It Fast” application slated to replace their existing Point of Sales Application in over 300 stores, which is intended to also serve as kiosk in stores and eventually be online. I am leading a team of over 40 resources consisting of UX Designers, Developers, DBAs, Business Analysts, and mixed resources from Perficient, AAP, and other agencies. Also the Engagement Manager – managing the resources on site that are working to redesign the company intranet, and extra net resources.


Shadow mock ups are a great talking point to jump start the wireframing and prototyping process. By showing that the pages can be manipulated to show as much or as little information as possible you can get the Business Owners to start discussing real estate and the value of their content on the pages. Then you can identify the groups and resources you need to gather and shuffle that data into a pleasing framework. Shadow mocks are great for starting a project where the groups have no idea what they want to deliver and start that dialogue.