AAA of Southern California

CSAA Initially I was engaged to go to California AAA for Vignette to help Architect the final solution on their “Discounts” section of their website. This would allow consumers to enter their AAA number and area code and would then display an array of places they could obtain discounts for everything from an oil change to 20% off their dinner at a restaurant.

Business did not come to understand that the results would need to be architect-ed to make sense once they were displayed to the user by categories. This led to “scope creep” and was fastly approaching the limit to the “free offshore web customization hours allotted” with the purchase of the Vignette CMS. So I was sent in to ameliorate the situation by re-architecting the UX Experience and dealing with both the Business and the Developer to work this solution in the time left in the allotted off shore development hours.

While scraping the data I realized that an iPhone application could be built to help ameliorate some call center activity the business already handles and devised a rough wireframe of the mobile application, then the hi-fidelity comps. Business was so impressed they allotted additional development time for refinements which resulted in more sales and a happier customer overall.

I designed, developed, tested and delivered a suite of services in a multi-platform mobile app, integrating system APIs from the national clubs and custom-mapping APIs from Bing Maps. AAA members can map their location, summon a tow-truck or create a detailed accident report in just a few taps. They can also find AAA offices, discounts, connect directly with a member representative by phone. Non-members can join AAA directly from the application.

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