Why a New Golden Age for UX Design Is Around the Corner

I was reading this article from wired Why a New Golden Age for UI Design Is Around the Corner by By Cliff Kuang written on 08.13.13 describing some of the great new User Experience leaps and bounds Disney is doing in their theme parks and with the whole process of planning your “Disney Experience”. Disney even goes so far as to let a wristband do everything for you in the park from event attendance to skipping lines. But Disney has been doing this far longer than people have reported on it. When I was with Vignette they had most of these capabilities tied into a cell phone they issues to you upon entry to the park.

What Cliff Kuang talks about that interests me most is the fact that UX doesn’t just apply to web applications, but products and physical experiences. For instance in my building we have a key fob to allow you to enter the elevator on the parking level. This sensor is on the exact opposite side of the elevator up/down button. When you have groceries in hand this experience is very frustrating, and I think, BAD USER EXPERIENCE! So I wish I could have some say in the physical world for User Experience improvement. Cliff Kuang discusses how UX will go physical and we will be asked to design our world. So Engineers watch out! We are going to be rubbing elbows soon!