The Bigger Mobile Screens are HERE!

Ok, so everyone KNOWS iPhone is struggling to catch up to Samsung in the area of screen size. Some reviewers are hearkening the new iPhone6 to an earlier Galaxy phone with a six inch screen, but really lets not focus on the specifics of who went big first, but what this means to our mobile sites and applications. Before it was all about simplicity and making a slimmed down version of your website targeted for specific tasks your mobile users want to accomplish. However, fewer and fewer people are bothering to buy PCs anymore as mobile devices grow in size, scope, and capabilities. Tablets are increasingly replacing laptops even in office scenarios, and when they aren’t, users often “bring their own” and demand to use them, so is it best to limit yourself at this stage in the game?

Yes it is important to narrow your scope and not overwhelm users with a barrage of choices and information, yet still want to target their need and give them what they want. But what if your users are so diverse and your application isn’t tracking the right data to tell you who they are and what they want? Get with the game! We run reporting software to see what users are doing in stores so why not see what our users are doing in the application and apply the same logic to it? Seems simple, right? Well not when you haven’t been logging that information before oh say, last week, last month or even last year!

What we need to see is BIG DATA, keep all the data you can on your web sites and how the click traffic is going.  The more data the better to discern usage and patterns.  It’s all about pattern recognition now in the world of ones and zeros.  The more years of data you have the more we can analyze it!  That is what Market6 is about!  Companies are just coming into the golden era where if they have access to a number of years of data and they can put it into meaningful reports AND they can act on it.  Trigger things to come to the top, set alerts about perceived threats to the supply chain, even send alerts to that monster phone you are carrying around!

The idea isn’t a new one, but it seems to be the fastest growing one in the industry.  I want to do business on one device, I don’t want to carry one thing then work on another thing, I want it all.  So I am awaiting Windows to get smaller and sleeker, they aren’t Apple by a mile, but Lenovo and Dell can surely tackle this design quandary and make it so.

Why am I writing about this, well because since I want it, I know everyone else is out there thinking the same thing.  But how can we make our web applications work on a tablet?  It’s called web based applications, Microsoft did it with Windows365.  I want to do it with Market6’s BIG DATA applications.  I want them to work on my phone last week.  A month ago…

A user in a Warehouse shouldn’t have to have a PC anymore, his phone or Pablet (Phone + Tablet) should let him log on and see just exactly what he needs to know right now and no PC is needed.  The same with a Vendor at the back door, or even a Vendor in his office showing his crunched numbers to his boss.

Am I a dreamer, yes, but everything I seem to dream comes to pass so mark my word, the PC will be the relic of the programmer, data analyst, financial person at the office.  The rest will have tablets, and we will be there with our fabulous applications at your finger tips.