Professional History

Faith WarrenI have worked building websites, doing everything from site maps, wireframes, functional design specifications (process flows), design comps even developing Marketing materials over the last nineteen years. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the top Fortune 500 companies. I am used to dealing with C Level Executives and their IT Infrastructure people to select the right Web applications, hardware, software platforms and designing and implementing those applications and framework.

In the past I worked at Click Here the Digital Division of the Richards Group (an Agency) as a UX Architect, rapidly building prototypes for web applications and mobile sites, and mobile applications. I have prototyped mobile apps for Home Depot, QuickTrip, GoRVing, and worked on protoypes for many web applications. While it was interesting I did not not find this position as challenging as my past endeavors and I started looking for something a bit more “out of the box”. I felt very penned in and not able to be as innovative or able to think disruptively in the Agency atmosphere.  I was often told my wireframes were “too pretty” and not to do as much work as I did.  This was not encouraged in the role I held so I began looking for a new role that would challenge me and let me utilize all of my skill set and create more business for the company at which I preside.

For three years I worked remotely from Dallas for Market6 doing very innovative things for their product managers that help a wide spectrum of users get more out of the applications they are utilizing daily. It’s a BIG DATA application and I was able to think disruptively and those ideas were well received and brought to life! So I was happy and VERY productive and had endless opportunities to improve User Experience overall, and increase user satisfaction. I even received emails with user’s talking about the improvements and applauding them!  On my three year Anniversary this little startup whose value had improved by 200% decided they wanted everyone to work locally in Chicago, and I wasn’t interested in moving so I began a new search for a new exciting opportunity.

Before Market6 I was employed by Timberhorn IT (now a subsidiary of the Ettain Group) as a consultant out at American Airlines where I interfaced with multiple teams and Business Owners doing analysis, design, and enhancements for the corporate eCommerce website. I also worked with the social team to implement GIGya – the Facebook login and enhance and update all the coding efforts going forth with to utilize HTML5, CSS3 and work to make the site conform to W3C and WCAG guidelines, and be view-able on iPad and tablet PCs. I also helped with the analytics and implementation of analytics to give more usage data from their weblogs and the Gigya data collected from the Facebook logins to improve the usability of the website based on user click paths. Current analytics are negligible and they have bought and paid for many high-end analytic software packages but are not leveraging them to their fullest capacity.  I entered AA as a FED (Front End Developer) and when I expressed interest in moving to their User Experience Team, there weren’t any open positions so I decided to move on.  It was my understanding I would be moved to that team, but when they didn’t make good on that promise I decided to move on.

Previously employed by Perficient; I was a consultant out at Advance Auto Parts developing the requirements for the “Find It Fast” Point of Sale replacement application, and development of the redesign of their corporate intranet.  While out at Fossil I was in the position of UX Architect, UX Lead, and Engagement Manager. I worked in parallel with the creative Director on all new development on multiple projects. Watch Station a website where Fossil will sell all of their in house brands like DKNY, Michael Kors, Armani, and many more luxury brands on one website giving each brand the opportunity to brand their section of the site and have a micro site specifically branded by their Marketing and Advertizing teams. I also worked on flipping the existing Fossil website(s) to a new Open Source Java CMS, and making all the multivariate language sites, for Germany, Japan, Italy, and the UK. I also worked on the Diesel international sites getting them onto the new CMS and in multiple languages. Fossil was a great opportunity, I came in on one project, Watch Station, and was blessed to work on the branded sites and be responsible for the Fossil brand when it went international! Before I was assigned to go out to Fossil I worked on a website for the White House (DEED) for Worker ReEmployment, and designed the Support section of the Lenovo website. I also worked doing QA User Studies with First Data Corporation. Before joining Perficient I was out at The Boy Scouts of America reorganizing and redesigning their internal and external facing websites. Before Boy Scouts I was out at Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX working on an Enterprise Level Application for Enrollment when the funding was reduced due to the economy. I was employed by Vignette Corporation  for many years as one of three GUI designers in the United States implementing the Vignette CMS Portal application. This put me onto projects like The American Red Cross, Fox Business News, California AAA, HMA, UT Southwest, NBC iCue, the Travel Channel, PepsiCo, Grant Thornton, and GE Money. Vignette gave me the opportunity to challenge myself to learn many new business models, like the Healthcare industry, and how physicians function in their day to day activities when I architected and designed the Physician Portal for HMA in Florida. While with other companies I worked on large e-commerce websites like WalMart, Sam’s Club, HP, Mobility, Smithsonian, and Roots. I have also been involved in architecting many pharmaceutical websites while working with imc2 utilizing Sitecore and Ektron as a CMS (Content Management System) application.

I love building interactive web applications either custom coding or utilizing a CMS like Vignette, Ektron, SharePoint, Broadvision, Blue Martini, ColdFusion, or Sitecore; integrating Flash, ASP (, VB (, JSP, XML, Java, Javascript, VBscript, and SQL, even MySQL and PHP. My expertise is such that I know what is involved in building a site from the ground up. From knowing how to build and maintain a server, database and website all the way to implementation and testing. I am a skilled at documentation, having had to develop user flow models, product maps, interaction concept sketches, wireframes, mock-ups, and testing prototypes. I have collaborated with developers, design firms or design teams, user experience, product, and development teams to proactively gather and understand stakeholder and end-user needs in order to create the best user experience possible. Please take the time to look over my resume, and portfolio, and see the projects I am currently developing.Faith Warren

As a Director of Marketing and Application Development I was challenged to lead the Marketing and Application Development initiatives for True Solutions Inc. I worked on redesigning the Website, Network Infrastructure, and managing the day to day Network Operations. I also designed and deployed new Marketing strategies and collateral. Working with TSI, I had the opportunity to be creatively challenged and be a part of a rapidly growing and inspiring company. TSI is certified by the Project Management Institute© to Educate the top Project Managers in fortune 500 companies all over the world. A lot of their PMP Practices have rubbed off onto me.

For two years I was the Creative eCommerce Director for PFSweb a company whose sole initiative is to pick, pack, warehouse, and act as call center to some of the largest corporations in the world. While there I functioned as the sole creative talent building sites from the ground up, from design to coding, and acting as a liaison with clients for day to day maintenance and improvements once the solution was implemented as well as along the way.  Every front and client facing interface I designed and helped implement side by side witht eh development team and enjoyed every minute there.

Two years prior to PFSweb I worked for another dot com company LEAPnet whose corporate offices reside in Chicago. The initiative of LEAPnet was to provide Broadvision solutions to big name organizations like WalMart and Sam’s Club. Working at LEAPnet gave me the understanding of large ERP systems and the logic involved in the day to day processes of large Fortune 100 companies.

Medical Industry

I have built the systems integral to hospitals that doctors, nurses, and hospital administration enter patient information into when you are in the hospital.  These systems integrated with pharmacy, radiology and other 3rd party lab and secondary applications to replace an antiquated system in place.  I have also built pharmacy applications and databases, and many many medical applications like in house nursing applications and so forth.

Financial Industry

I have worked on many large financial applications like Grant Thornton, credit card applications, payment gateways, and large data applications that span a national corporations with Vendors looking into how their products are doing within a national chain. 

Big Data

I have the industry knowledge to know how a CEO looks at his products nationally across chain stores, to how to make a chain store’s inventory leaner, their out of stocks infinitesimal, and their bottom lines better than ever before.  Some companies even projected their stock valuations based on my reports!