Personal History

Well for those of you that know me, I am a driven talented individual who tries to live life to the fullest!  I have a Harley Davidson V-Rod, custom painted by my talented friends out at “Alter Ego Custom Paint and Designs” she is named “Sephira” after the Blue Dragon in Eragon the movie and books.  “Sephira” means “Goddess of War” in Celtic. She is a beautiful ride on a nice day into work.  (Yes I can carry my laptop in a backpack!)  I love my motorcycle, Jay, out at Alter Ego did a awesome job painting the dragon on the air intake (usually where the gas tank is for a traditional Harley, mine was designed by Porsche and is of the first line of Water Cooled Engines and is therefore faster than any of the traditional models of Harley Davidson’s up to date).  The tail and the tips of Sephira’s wings grace her rear fender.  Jay, again, props for how detailed you went on air brushing each scale and crack into the design!  I built Jay and his partner a website to do the paint, and they have since closed or I would provide the link here.  Here is a link to pictures of the bike.
Faith Warren I am an avid and vocal supporter of BACA (Biker’s Against Child Abuse) an organization that adopts children to empower abused kids. We use the biker image created by the media to give the kids a sense of brotherhood and a family that can go to court with them when their parents, often called as witnesses, can’t be there. We aren’t your usual bunch of bikers, we help kids on our days off and nights and weekends offering them support and encouragement when that is sometimes something not readily available. The bikers in the group are CIO’s and IT Admins, Robotics Engineers, even Physicists. I had one of the members tell me his brother who was a priest said, “He had seen people talk about helping people and the good karma that puts out there, but with BACA they really do it, they are hands on.” We really are, I like to think of every BACA member as living angels, we do what we can, and we spend our time making a difference in a kids life!
I don’t have kids myself, my children are my two Italian Greyhounds (Miniature Greyhounds) that I rescued from the Italian Greyhound Rescue Society, and two African Grey parrots who hate my husband with bloody beaks and all! I think the feelings are mutual between the birds and James, my husband.  My Italian Greyhounds have passed of old age.  I would have adopted more but I have a pool now and Iggies can’t swim, so I got three Miniature Pincers at once!  I used model/rival training techniques to train all three at once, and they happily take up room on my couch, in the bed and all of my life!
I have been called the ultimate artist by friends who know me well, I sing, write poetry, paint, draw, and I think I design really impressive websites. I think websites are my greatest talent so far. I feel lucky to have found something to do for a living that I enjoy so much, it is infectious. Grumpy programmers that usually don’t let people stick their fingers into their code come to me smiling saying I improved their websites and their code.  I enjoy what I do, and it shows in my work and in my life.  I am lucky to have found something to do that lets me use my psychology background and my artist’s eye.  I like to believe it takes both of these things (including an engineering degree) to get these sites worked out sometimes.  But it is a challenge  I fully enjoy!  Everyone that works with me always comments on happy and carefree i am am, and how much they enjoy working with me.  I have a talent for explaining things to Business Owners, Developers and designers so everyone is in synch and there are no gray areas, yet everyone is allowed some creative input into the process.  I enjoy each new project and challenge of figuring out each new scenario for the users.  I think understanding the business is only a small piece of creating the application, you have to understand the people that will be using the application and what they want to achieve and how they are best going to get to that goal successfully.  Over the years this is an innate talent I have found to be indispensable I know users, I am a user to an extent, and so with all my background I can advocate for the best results and see the ways to improve the application to make the steps to completing their assignments simple, faster and more intuitive.  It’s also a matter of making the conversion rate faster, users that can identify the path they need to take quickly can be trained to use it faster and complete their tasks more efficiently and improve the overall performance of the application for success.  I know this and have proven it to many clients and they are happy with the results, a 200% increase in completed transactions speaks volumes when you are talking about sales and application usage.  I know it can be done and I am a complete believer in iconography being a language unto itself that can transcend the language barriers and make internationalization easier than in decades. Faith Warren New Year 2010
Look at my website, read some of the articles and click around, I know it’s the case of the barber having the worst haircut because this site is old and I only update it rarely between projects.  But the content is so important, that is why I haven’t changed the format or used anything with bells and whistles, I want the work to speak for itself.  There is a lot of work across a plethora of business models and I can boast doing almost any type of application development!
I was born in Dallas, TX, but at a young age my mother moved me to California where I stayed until I was in Junior High. I moved to Oklahoma to get to know my father sometime in my Junior High to High School years. I stayed with him for a while before moving to Texas to stay with my Grandparents to help them while my Grandmother was sick with Cancer, by then my mother had moved to Georgia. Once my Grandmother died I moved to Georgia where I went to High School in Marietta. After High School I attended GA State, and got a scholarship to UMBC in Baltimore Maryland. While in Baltimore my mother took a turn for the worse and I moved back to Texas, dropping out of Medical School. I have been here in Texas ever since, building websites, of all things.
Building websites has enabled me to travel extensively within the United States. I have been to Chicago, to work on Grant Thornton’s website, New York to work on Fox Business News, Washington DC to work on the American Red Cross Website! Even sunny California and Florida, so I have seen both coasts, and I love to travel! I took alot of pictures while traveling, you can go to my Facebook page to see them. You can see I made alot of friends along the way. One of my mentors and an old boss Adam Doti told me that I had never met a stranger, and I hope I never do. I enjoy meeting new people and working together towards a common goal.  I have a very open personality and fit into any team environment.  I have worked with engineers, scientists, and accountants who provided requirements, even doctors, lawyers and BOY SCOUTS!  I have run the gamut and feel I can fit in pretty much anywhere.

I started building websites in Georgia when I created a website for my boyfriend’s Iron Maiden cover band, and my boss at the time saw it and asked me to make one with less skulls and flames for his company. From there my web development skills blossomed, word got around and I was soon building websites for all kinds of small companies in Georgia. I picked up web development once I moved back to Texas when I was looking after my mother, and used it as an extra means of funds during my college days. To this day I build websites and think it is one of the most gratifying jobs out there. When you show people your work and they ask if you built it and they say “I wish I could do that” you know you have done something good.

I like what I do, and I do it for the creative outlet. A well thought out solution that is thought provoking and is tailored to make a company not only sell product, but streamline the processes involved, is a work of art.” – Faith Warren
Faith Warren Faith Warren Faith Warren
Here I am in Washington, DC working on the American Red Cross Website. Merry Christmas from Dallas, TX.  My mother gave me this wooden plaque of my name. Happy New Year 2008