Health Management Associates

Health Management Associates of Florida Health Management Associates Inc: Responsible for the entire UI design and implementing a new Vignette Portal built to replace their current PULSE system for physicians to handle the day to aspects of dealing with Patients in a hospital environment. Plans are to roll out the Physicians Portal to over 300 Hospitals. Designed; workflows, Use Case scenarios, Functional Wireframes, and mockups for the site design. After being laid off from Vignette the client engaged me through a Vignette partner to continue to implement the site I designed into the JSP Portlets developed by an off shore team and some local talent.

HMA is a perfect example of iconography winning the day. We gut checked the icons to see if the users associated the tasks to the icons and increased click through the application by 200%. English as a Second Language Users (ESL) also increased their productivity by 75% and the turn around to discharge patients went up by over 150%!

This site has been designed with interchangeable CSS to mimic the coloring of any Hospital it was implemented in. A marvel when done in 2007, and still good looking by today’s standards.

  • HMA HTML Comps – For Physician Portal (HTML Comp / Not all pages link)