Faith’s Portfolio

I have worked on mobile, Big Data Applications and eCommerce Applications across a plethora of industries..

I have been working for over 20 years and this portfolio shows off just a tiny bit of the applications I have built in that time.  I hope you take the time to go through my blogs and see all the amazing projects I have worked on over the years.


Progress Energy

Mobile, Web, and Tablet Application

Designed and developed a cross-platform experience for Progress Energy.

This included:

  • A new web site redesign
  • Conversion of traditional offline communications to an interactive iPad application
  • Creation of a customer mobile site that was optimized for iPhone and Android devices

This experience was validated for against section 508 guidelines and WCAG Level 2 compliance through extensive accessibility reviews.

We had to create Mood Boards for Progress Energy because it was previously three companies with very disparate color pallets and logos becoming one entity.

These mood boards visually communicate the intended messaging of the site through the use of branding, textures, color, typography and composition.

Through an iterative design process as the UX Expert I can refine the Mood Boards into a single concept that can be used as a jumping point for the visual design.

In order to quantify the effectiveness of a visual design I implement visual preference testing. This is a process that provides metrics for gathering feedback and evaluating design as an independent variable.

This is typically done with a Semantic Differential Survey, which measures the connotative meaning of various visual concepts by rating them on a bipolar scale.

After receiving feedback, we will refine and narrow down the designs to create a single validated design.

Task Flows

To accurately portray the major usage scenarios, I start out with usage flows that identify the key decision points along with the design system action for each user response. The helps set the groundwork for the requirements of the site.

Detailed Design

The detailed design is a deeper dive into the various screens, and components that will be included within the site.

This effort requires planning around reusable components and screen layouts. It provides the groundwork for page templates and component functionality that will be developed for the site.

Interactive Prototyping

I explore potential solutions through an iterative process.

An interactive prototype defines the layout and functionality of the user interface and allows the Business owners to experience the solution faster.

With an interactive model I can gather feedback early in the design process.

Pfizer World

Sharepoint Intranet

I led the efforts to make the PfizerWorld Mobile intranet more mobile friendly while they were undergoing a SharePoint migration.

By prototyping several iterations the business owners were able to come to a consensus on the final home page designs.

These were the final Home page screens for mobile (they also conceded it for web) and phone.

Global News in Tablet view wraps to two images and three down, with the MyWorld View, Division, and Industry buttons at the bottom.

On swiping up or down the MyWorld View tab becomes active and shows the next section.

The buttons at the bottom act as anchors as well and jump you to that section.

Clicking on an image takes you to the Article View.

We made 7 page Layouts with full Visual design, and prototyped over 25 pages to land on the final 7.  Working with local developers, an off shore  team and a local intern, who quickly learned how to prototype wireframes.  This was a true collaborative effort and I am sure Pfizer will be happy for a long time to come with the design.


Intranets are ofttimes a minefield to navigate politically.   Some departments in companies as large as Pfizer might have spent a large amount of time and money to design their intranet landing page and sub-pages.  While others have older content migrated and never cleaned up ready for retirement.  But when there are over 300 departments doing research and setting up intranets for their departments sometimes it’s best to create some templates and let them figure out if they want to update and come into the new age of mobile ready design.

Watch Station International by Fossil

Web eCommerce Application

The idea behind Watch Station was that Fossil could stop maintaining all the micro sites for the brands they make. 

So each brand would have a landing page they could specifically brand and control what items were on sale and have a place for banners  and ad campaigns.

This became the foundation for all websites because it used triggered APIs to bring popular items to the top based on click patterns and social media activity.

There’s lots more to this body of work but I am just showing a few clips to wet your appetite, go to this link for all the comps!

WSI Blog Post

Brand Boutique

Side Navigation

  • highlights key-sort items specific to the brand

Main Featured Platform Region

  • Full image
    can rotates through multiple features as needed.
    (For launch, this will be static.)

Featured Platforms

  • visual representation of featured collections
  • correlates with side navigation
  • horizontal scroll bar

Custom Branding

  • background color can be brand specific

Platform Story B

  • displays multiple platform stories
  • drop down menu sorts men’s and women’s
  • horizontal scroll bar


California AAA

AAA Mobile Experience

Designed, developed, tested and delivered a suite of services in a multi-platform mobile app, integrating system APIs from the national clubs and custom-mapping APIs from Bing Maps.
AAA members can:

  • map their location
  • summon a tow-truck
  • create a detailed accident report in just a few taps
  • They can also find AAA offices
  • Find AA discounts
  • connect directly with a member representative by phone
  • Non-members can join AAA directly from the application



Fight4Cancer Mobile Experience

As part of it’s work with the Fight 4 Cancer Research foundation, we designed and developed a mobile application that allowed supporters to:

  • View fund raising goals
  • Contribute a donation
  • Make a comment through Twitter
  • Track donations
  • Track Individual user’s response to their emails for contributions
  • Connect directly with a representative by phone
  • Create a personalized FURL to forward on and track your network of contributors

We used FURL so users could track the donations their individual emails generated.

Advanced Auto Parts

Shadow Mockup

I did this shadow mock up to generally lay out content when I was on the Advanced Auto Parts Point Of Sale application.  I had occasion to be sent to the intranet to find things and wanted to help them make it more user friendly.

I used this to display a concept of how to better lay out the AAP intranet.

I find that shadow mockups like this one without specific content gets a mixed set of users to the drawing board sooner than one with specifics that might turn the discussion from what needs to be up there.  I find intranets are highly volatile, teams come to think of it as their “turf” and it’s hard to get them talking about what NEEDS to be accessible.


DEED Whitehouse Project

This was a project commissioned last minute by the White House to address the needs of users loosing their Unemployment Benefits (referred to as 96’ers), that would need more help finding jobs and other benefits.

Banners on and other government agency websites would be pointed and redirected to this site for information.

I was told that even the Secretary of State reviewed the site we created and gave us kudos for a 2 week turn-around.

Faith WarrenUX Designer  & IA on DEED ProjectDEED was a project I was put on while at Perficient.  We had one week to build a website for what President Obama termed “The 96’ers.”  Workers that had reached the end of their unemployment benefits after being on them for 96 weeks.  This portal was to drive those people to other sources of income and work.  For instance WIC, and Welfare and job placement centers.  In the end the proposal to stop benefits to “96’ers” was overturned but the site was still put in place for those who would eventually loose benefits.  It was a grueling week of work, working with a committee in the Senate and they praised us for how on point the application was and how quick the turn around.  So all in all a win!
Faith Warren
UX Designer & IA on DEED Project

DEED was a project I was put on while at Perficient. We had one week to build a website for what President Obama termed “The 96’ers.” Workers that had reached the end of their unemployment benefits after being on them for 96 weeks. This portal was to drive those people to other sources of income and work. For instance WIC, and Welfare and job placement centers. In the end the proposal to stop benefits to “96’ers” was overturned but the site was still put in place for those who would eventually loose benefits. It was a grueling week of work, working with a committee in the Senate and they praised us for how on point the application was and how quick the turn around. So all in all a win!
Joe Lonsky
UX Designer / Information Architect

I had the brief opportunity to work with Faith on quick project for the CareerOneStop website. The team was requested to work quickly on a time sensitive redesign of a complicated Worker ReEmployment portal. When Faith was introduced to the project team and website, was expected to understand the redesign intent within hours. She was introduced to the project on a Monday and had her proposed new UI design the following Tuesday morning. The next couple days we went through a few design revisions and Faith was helpful providing her UI experience and direction. The project was successfully delivered a week later. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Faith again.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
January 14, 2011, Joe worked directly with Faith at Perficient


Harrison College

Education 3D Portal

I tackled the virtual learning environment creating a 3D virtual campus that serves as a backdrop for the students.

Also included in the effort was the mapping and planning of contextually relevant recommendations for improving the learning experience as well as participation in social groups that meet your personal and learning profile.

I worked extensively on User Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and utilizing test case scenarios to make certain the results of the site fit what the business had defined. We did Stakeholder Interviews as well as moderated testing for results on the completed design experience.


BCBS Florida

Healthcare: Consumer Portal & Mobile Interface

I was tasked to work with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida’s internal marketing, development and user experience teams to engage users and design a new member portal.

The site, which provides access to health plan and patient information, was developed with a wide audience of users in mind, so it needed to provide multiple ways of accessing information, which included a mobile interface.


Scott Roush
Manager at Pariveda Solutions
Faith Warren was installed as the “Director of New Development” while James Head managed ongoing updates to the existing Fossil website. The WSI site was built to be the possible underpinnings of Faith brought me onto the project and Perficient as a UI Developer and Managed me directly. She worked with Management to convince them to use triggered APIs to bring products to the top of the site based on user clicks. This in turn made her work with all the Product Owners to re-shoot all of their products before Kosta (the CEO) would agree to go live. She continues to be a great mentor and friend.
Eric D. Brown, D.Sc.
Consultant / Entrepreneur
I hired Faith to help with information architecture and Web Design while at the Boy Scouts of America. Faith’s ability to merge design, information architecture, usability and web strategy provided a great deal of value to the web team at the BSA. Unfortunately, shortly after hiring Faith, I left the BSA – but in the short amount of time she worked for me I was impressed with her work.
Andrea Bierschenk MBA, MS
Program Manager for Population Health at UT Southwestern Medical Center
Faith has a unique combination of creativity and excellent business sense. She also has an impressive ability to adapt quickly to new organizations. Faith quickly assesses what needs to be done and acts decisively. I would work again with Faith in any organization
Recommendation on LinkedIn
August 18, 2010, Andrea worked with Faith at Blue Cross Blue Shield
Asif Ahsanullah
Management Consultant
Developing a great software solution requires a skill that is beyond programming; in other words, user experience matters. Faith is one of those individuals who induce real value into a software solutions by developing the foundation and enabling developers build quality and valuable solutions. She has helped clients with solution that positively effective the bottom line of the business. Her academic knowledge in psychology coupled with years of professional experience is a cocktail for value generation. She is detailed oriented with excellent problem solving skills. I see her as the ice breaker and a great helper. She is an asset for any organization.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
December 2, 2009, Asif worked directly with Faith at Blue Cross Blue Shield
Sree Turlapati
Chief Technology Strategist
Faith is gifted artist. Her enthusiasm can be contagious in a very positive way for any project team. She is extremely hardworking, passionate and brings multitude of skills to the table. She is a rock star in user experience; project teams are lucky to have her on the team…
Recommendation on LinkedIn
September 20, 2011, Sree worked with Faith at Vadyas Consulting on the HMA Project
Mario D’Anna
Software Architect at Open Text
I worked with Faith at Vignette and found her to be very professional and really seemed to enjoy her job and working with other people. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a UI/UX Designer and Developer, and think she could fit in with any type of crowd, she is friendly, courteous and has a very likable personality.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
May 20, 2010, Mario managed Faith indirectly at Vignette
Vijay Prasad Gupta
Marketing Technology at Google | Digital Marketing Solutions | Marketing Strategy and Transformation | CMS & DAM SME
Faith is a very talented creative designer and information architect. Her understanding of creative web technologies and web branding is superior. What makes her more valuable is her dedication towards delivering the best under tough deadlines and her ability to question an existing design and suggest alternate solutions. She will be a valuable asset for any team.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
May 21, 2009, Vijay Prasad worked directly with Faith at Vignette
John Mason
Architect at Adobe
Faith is diligent and knowledgeable. She has a great passion for the industry, extensive knowledge in creative web technologies, and has great attention to detail. I worked with Faith on a very difficult project and she continually met and exceeded the expectations. Faith would be a great asset to any organization. I truly enjoyed working with her.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
January 22, 2009, John worked directly with Faith at Vignette
Jitender Singh
UI/UX Designer / Developer
Faith Warren is the most talented, committed and intelligent UI Developer, Designer and Vignette Professional within Vignette Technologies. It has been my pleasure to work with her. She also is a great communicator who worked well in cross-functional teams.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
September 3, 2008, Jitender was with another company when working with Faith at Vignette
Jacob Schulke
Lead Technical Consultant at Perficient
I enjoyed working with Faith on the Fossil project. Faith was instrumental to the growth of the project creating opportunities for more consultants and engagement extensions for existing consults.
Recommendation on LinkedIn
February 22, 2012, Jacob worked indirectly for Faith at Perficient


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Advance Auto Parts American Airlines American Red Cross Blue Cross Blue Shield Boy Scouts of America California AAA Cassidy Turley College Board DEED Dell - Integridy
First Data Corporation Fossil Fox Business News GE Money Glazer's Wholesale Liquor Distribution Grant Thornton HMA Hewlett Packard IBM imc2
Intel Lenovo Lenovo Martha Stewart NASA NBC iCue Perry Equipment Company Pepsi Co. Progress Energy Rogaine
Roots (Canada) Sams Club The Smithsonian Travel Channel Travelocity True Solutions Inc. University of Texas South West Vignette Wal Mart XO


Loving Environment

I work in the company’s environment utilizing whatever development platform and source control applications they have onsite for their development efforts.  I work hand in hand with their development team, often elbows deep into their code removing any static classes and updating and implementing bootstrap.


Identifying Reusable Code

A part of the process is identifying re-usable code and cleaning up elements so they can be re-utilized.  This makes the application conform to site specifications and lower development time.  This often requires a solid understanding of bootstrap, jquery and any and all js and custom imported development “parts.”