The Worker ReEmployment portal currently resides on the CareerOneStop website. Under direction from the White House (WH), the site was updated to include the following: More content integration from other government sites (e.g.:, better flow for people to access Unemployment information on a Federal and State level, including access to other resources that would be beneficial to the unemployed (e.g.: find training or jobs).

Anybody who uses the Worker ReEmployment site to find Unemployment Insurance (UI) information, find training, or to find jobs.
WH Primary Audience: Those who have exhausted UI & those who have not exhausted UI.
WH Secondary Audience: Those who are looking immediate help & Career/training exploration.


  • Updated only the design and flow of Worker ReEmployment. Content was be added, but functionality changes were limited due to a short two week time constraint.
  • Updates focused primarily on the home/primary page, with some updates to secondary pages. Detailed content will be managed by current CMS (Tridion) utilizing current templates.

Use Cases: High Level

  • User lives in Colorado and just lost his job. He would like to find out how to apply for benefits in his state.
  • User in New York is currently getting benefits but heard there may be other assistance for unemployed people. She would like to find out if there is any further assistance.
  • User has just run out of Unemployment Insurance and would like to see if there are any other federal resources out there to help him out.
    • User has just run out of Unemployment Insurance and would like to see if there are any other resources in his state (Florida) to help him out.

Business Requirements: High Level

  • Content needed in Worker ReEmployment
    • Core resources provided to users
      • Access to state resources for UI benefits
      • Federal information about UI
      • Find More Benefits (other than UI, e.g.: Health, Foreclosure)
      • Find a Job
      • Find Training
    • Needed ability to get feedback from users (Contact Us link).
    • Credit checks/background check links (proposed and further research needed…)
    • More descriptive text than current site. Detailed more about what is being offered and what the site can do for the user.
    • One Stop Finder (widget currently in use)
    • Helpline (content currently in use)
    • Links to other sites:,, maybe others…
    • Guided process for users (proposed, flow & content would need to be determined later)
    • Section for exhaustees and state of economy. (Pending with DOL)
  • Links to Worker ReEmployment from:
    • COS Home and other sub pages
    • Worker ReEmployment Banner (new “widget”) – To be created
      • All other sites with Worker ReEmployment banner – TBD
  • Outreach – TBD

Metrics – extensive metrics of site activity were needed to see where people go.

  • DEED Wireframes – Career One Stop was the Governmental site erected to handle those users looking for aid