BSA Content Analysis

This is a perfect example of content Audit and Analysis. The Boy Scouts of America have a multitude of websites and differing goals and management of each site. Each leader in each department has to align their key messaging to the “Boy Scout Way” but the way they achieve their goals are all unique. Some target the younger audiences like the scouts themselves, while others talk to the adults donating their time, and then existing members and pack leaders, even corporate workers who publish the literature for the troops. Where does the usefulness of all the intrinsic data overlap? Where can data be shared (if at all) in the organization? What data should be tracked? All questions that managements needs to identify and ask, yet even if they had free reign to do with the data as they pleased what would they be allowed to do with the data? In an organization like the Boy Scouts; data on adult members and minors could prove to be intrinsically slippery to gather and even share. This document represents the beginnings of the ideas the organization had towards gathering and trying to mine and maintain that data. It is by no means accurate but was just one insider’s idea on how to start the conversation about how to go about organizing and maintaining the information of members, supporters, subscribers, and other Boys Scout enthusiasts to increase their membership levels.