AMERICAN FIRST FINANCE May 25, 2017 – Present
Director of UX and Digital Marketing
8585 N. Stemmons Fwy. Dallas, TX 75247 (972) 528-8488
I came to this Finance start up with big ideas and the promise of growth hoping to make changes for the better and be a leader for them in the UX field. I have dreams of making a world class suite of applications that others try to emulate. I want to disrupt the market, and make all the other financing companies take note of what American First Finance is doing and emulate them. It's been a struggle, and I hope to make a difference.
  • Design front end user interfaces customized to the needs of the user and the intended purpose.
  • Periodic review of user interfaces for any necessary updates and to insure consistency in the look and feel across all interfaces.
  • Consult with the project stake holders to identify the right product to use to develop new user interfaces.
  • Consult with project stake holders and advise on best design practices to arrive at an end-product that meets all the visual and functional requirements.
  • Create software road maps and identify modules and assign importance.
  • Wire frame and prototype modules, provide use cases and user testing.
  • Prototyping user interfaces for project stake holders to aide in the decision-making progress of the final look and feel.
  • Consult with the QA/BA Engineers in developing and implementing test plans for existing and new user interfaces.
  • Front-end UI development overview, insuring modules are reusable and maintainable.
  • Code review of front-end development to insure code has been written using industry best practice.
  • Development and analysis of analytics for improved customer experience.
  • Consult with team members regarding branding and marketing techniques to reach a broader audience for the products we offer.
  • Consult with C-Level Executives for determination of best software to use for CRN, Marketing, and Analytics.
American First Finance
Corporate Website: I developed the customer experience design and worked with all the C-Level executives in the company to craft a vision for the company corporate website. When I started at AFF, their website resembled something from the 80’s and their image was not one to promote trust that the company was indeed cutting edge or had technology new customers/dealers might want to use based on the serious lack of design on the corporate site. Explaining this concept to C-Level executives and sales was no easy task and content gathering and creation was probably one of the biggest struggles I have had in my career because their desire for a new corporate website was minimal. Once complete however the company gained over 40% new revenue and additional holistic companies that used the sight to sign on and receive their financing options for their store customers. It was a remarkable turnaround in the last quarter of 2017 that I believe was in large part to the new corporate image and branding I implemented.
American First Finance
Initiatives: I ran many sales initiatives for new in store POP. Created wireframes for processes around funding and returns, worked on new designs for the Dealer Portal, Quick Loan screens, and Beta Collection Pages that are still in their infancy and not far from a green screen. I designed the Consumer Payment Portal using a “Mobile First” strategy as we concluded the end users mainly used mobile technology to pay their bills. I developed plans to do user testing with the Customer Service Representatives to gain more intel on what they really needed versus what management thought they needed. Conducting interviews on my own and trying to drive better user experience in areas often neglected in companies where hundreds of users actively need a better User Experience.
SMU COX SCHOOL OF BUSINESS March 1, 2016 - Present
Digital Acceleration Advisory Board Position
Advisory Board Member providing support and oversight to SMU's Digital Accelerator program that prepares professionals with the latest digital strategies and tools in order to gain the skills & knowledge to take advantage of the Digital Revolution. Also attended the Digital Acceleration Program completing their training with certification.
AVANADE, INC. May 9, 2016 – March 2017
Group Manager, User Experience Team Lead
5221 N. O’Connor Drive Irving, TX 75039 VP: Amie Frickel (469) 420-2000
As a XD/UX Group Manager there is a whole arsenal of CRM Applications and Analytics Tools and a lot of practices that I bridge in order to be effective in what I do. You will see that I have a lot of experience architecting and planning new processes for business enterprises in the digital space. I can take the 10,000 ft view and break it down into simple user experiences that make businesses run better and users enjoy their experiences. This translates to better business processes and faster user adoption.
  • Direct and manage program development and implementation, including budget planning and preparation, business requirements and measurement metrics
  • Define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with cross-functional and cross-operating company teams
  • Develop working plans and associated communication documents in collaboration with cross-functional and cross operating company teams
  • Manage quality data and metrics collection, reporting and related actives
  • Program management and development, including enhancements to customer experience and operational efficiency
  • Use metrics to indentify issues, make decisions, track improvements
  • Present project updates and status to various stakeholders including Executive Management
  • Assist Learning and Development to facilitate design and deployment of retail training programs
  • Plan and engage various partners when necessary, including: Labor Management, Technology Integration, Asset Management, Standard and Procedures, Network Operations, Marketing
  • Communicate with executive management and field management on project status, risks, opportunities, etc
  • Prepare high-level business presentations using MS PowerPoint, including usage of relevant data as appropriate
  • Interact with and direct third-party vendors
  • Develop and document business requirements, including possible system applications
Whole Foods Market:
Whole Foods Market
UX Channel Manager: Created systems and frameworks to organize information and help users understand how solution or service will work and behave over time. Employ user centered design processes, conduct research and work with the client to identify new business internal user flows. Integrate and address internal user needs and balance them against business, brand and technical goals and needs. Communicate solutions, usually in the form of Use Cases, documentation, or prototypes designs across platforms. Work with the company to identify how to use API's to plug into Sitecore their new web technology.
Rockwell Automation:
Rockwell Automation
Manage the customer experience design and release strategy; help this Robotics and Automation Company scope and define the requirements of the first waves (MVE – Minimum Viable Experience) of customer experience changes; guide experience and scope decisions around several digital initiatives including: authenticated customer experience (portal), repair eCommerce, subscription management and sign-on/registration initiatives. Skills: Prior experience managing user experience and creative design teams. Prior experience facilitating concept workshops, leading ideation sessions, and coaching team members through concept creation.
Pfizer Mobile Intranet
For this large Pharmaceutical Company, I analyzed the needs of the target users and how they perform tasks to create an optimized user experience. I managed a team of developers, offshore designers, and trained an intern. Provided wire-frames, high fidelity comps, and a style guide. Provided an approach on how to best handle community sites that are highly customized with SharePoint Designer. Created the development plan for implementing:
  • HTML, Bootstrap (the framework for implementing responsive design)
  • Incorporate html/bootstrap code into PW master pages, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
  • Manage Offshore UX Design Team
  • Train a new UX Intern
LIQUIDITY SERVICES, INC. February 4, 2016 - April 9, 2016
User Experience Manager
3000 Internet Boulevard Suite 190 Frisco, TX 75034 Mgr: Chris Wilson (972) 294-7350
Corporate needed a UX Manager to come in and inject their User Experienced Designers and Front End Designers into the AGILE SCRUM environment they were just adopting. They had no idea how to utilize User Experience to better their process and had let development run ahead of the requirements being mapped out by the Product Owners and found they were duplicating work and re-doing a lot of development efforts. They wanted someone to come in and quickly assess the situation and do a course correction so they could hit tight deadlines. They had invested 25 million into this project and it was quickly getting out of hand as every aspect of the business wanted the application to replace processes; like warehouse management, even the Salesforce application for their sales department to qualify leads and give clients access. The business had bloated the project with internal process replacement and still was thinking they could build the application in such a way as to be Software as a Service (SaaS) and sell it to potential clients.
MARKET6, INC. January 21 2013 - January 21, 2016
User Experience Manager
500 Lake Cook Road Suite 150 Deerfield, IL 60015 CIO: Dave McLean (630) 501-1761
Joined Market6 to help them build their Digital Strategy for their Brand of Products. I lead the efforts to improve user experience within a variety of homegrown, CMS and foundation applications for a software for sales startup now worth 120 million. The users of these applications vary from Supermarket manager to their Vendors like Hershey’s, Coke, Frito Lay, Land of Lakes, P&G and more. It was a multifaceted application with many challenges and can be called a BIG DATA application, as it manages in store inventory as well as warehouse inventory, ad sales, and forecasting. I am also responsible for managing Design Standards across all the Market6 applications.
Managed the Digital Strategy, with Sales and Product Managers putting the initial discovery documents together, site maps, wire frames and workflows. Worked with the Product Management Team to gather information about the company’s goals and strategies, identify their competition and target audience and came up with strategies to improve user experience and application performance.
Managed the foundation application that needed updating, so I worked with the Management Teams to determine a more up-to-date look/feel. Produced hi-fidelity mockups and did hands on UI changes. Worked directly with the Product Managers to gather information about the changes and managed the developers to code and make the changes within the code library to be published to the project injecting AGILE SCRUM methodologies utilizing JIRA ticketing.
Provided valuable management experience in the design and delivery stage of the Vantage product. Consulted with an outside firm called FuzzyMath to interact with the Product Managers to get the requirements and design hi-fidelity mock ups, which were implemented into the actual code base, utilizing WebSphere Development Studio Client and a combination of code repositories for simultaneous code integration from developers.
The in-house application the client called the “Vendor Lab” for the grocery chain we contracted with. We took this application out of their environment and re-designed and re-imagined it into Vantage, DemandView and renamed OnDemand. This was the baseline for all our applications as we rebuilt and moved everything to the cloud making it SOX and HIPPA compliant and is so much more than it was.
CLICK HERE, INC. July 19, 2012- November 2012
User Experience Architect
8750 North Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75231 (214) 891-5378
A Digital Division of the Richard’s Group 'Click Here' was to do all Digital Strategy in house for the Agency. Unfortunately TRG did not line up enough business to continue to employ the large team they had amassed to make it through the winter holidays when most companies shut down all development efforts due to Holiday Sales and poor Employee turn out. A large portion of my work was in creating a a huge amount of possible mobile applications fishing for work from existing clients like Home Depot, Scott & White, AHOLD, QT, and Corner Bakery. I also completed many projects for clients that were leaving TRG due to an unforeseen circumstance (They kept ChickFil'a despite the protest of many clients after their stance on giving charitable donations to organizations that supported AIDS research).
Consulting as the Lead UX Architect on many projects for The Richards Group, Richards Analytic, and Click Here.
Royal Ahold USA
Worked on the Digital Strategy, Sales with the PMs putting the initial discovery documents together, site maps, wire frames and workflows. Traveled onsite to the client in Hershey, PA and did discovery with the Royal AHOLD USA Management Teams.
Home Depot:
Home Depot
The Home Depot – Wireframes and designed two iPhone applications and a Video Chat Help Module for This was work done to try to drum up business...
  • Future of Sharing - Mobile Social Application Concept (Axure HTML Wireframes - click to view them)
  • Quick Fix Application - Mobile Concept (Axure HTML Wireframes - click to view them)
  • Video Chat Help - Web Module Concept (Axure HTML Wireframes - click to view them)
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – Worked with the PANCAN Management Teams out in Manhattan Beach, CA to design the architecture and wire frames for their new interactive online annual report. This was a cooperative effort with Richards Analytics to gather the requirements, and The Richards Group to do the creative.
Scott & White:
Scott and White Hospitals
Worked internally with our Digital team to develop a digital sitemap of the Scott and White Ecosystem as it stands and formulate a plan to manage and best engage their customers in the future with emerging technologies they are implementing, and how best to leverage those assets.
Corner Bakery:
Corner Bakery
RSVP5: Provided valuable feedback in the delivery stage identifying usability issues before soft launch of the Corner Bakery reservation system.
4th Fighter iPhone Application – proofed creative for any Usability issues.
Projector Sweepstakes Web Application: I created click-able low fidelity wire frames of the application and worked all the way through proofing the final design.
Mobile Website and iPhone Application: Wireframed about 80 pages for both the QTMobile Application and the Mobile Website.
RV Selector Tool: Re-architecture of the “Find an RV” Application. The client wasn’t happy with the initial design and asked for it to be redone. My wireframes made the client happy enough to let us move ahead into creative and deliver the proposed application.
Fruit of the Loom:
Fruit of the Loom
Corporate Website Wireframes: Helped another UX Architect finish out the last of the wire frames for hand off during delivery and proofing. (Keliegh Millorn)
Corporate Website Wireframes: Helped another UX Architect finish out the last of the wire frames for hand off during delivery and proofing.
TIMBERHORN / ETTAIN GROUP June 14, 2012 - June 29, 2012
User Experience Subject Matter Expert
3000 Internet Blvd Suite 100 Frisco, TX 75034 EmployDrive (804) 993-4377
Consulting out at American Airlines implementing mobile applications and working on the conversion and updating of the corporate website as a consultant for Timberhorn/Ettain Group IT.
American Airlines
(UX FED: Gigya Subject Matter Expert) Interfaced with multiple teams and Business Owners doing analysis, design, and enhancements for the corporate eCommerce social aspects of the website. Worked with the mobile department to enhance and update all the coding efforts going forth with to utilize HTML5, CSS3 and work to make the site conform to W3C and WCAG guidelines. Was tasked to help with the analytics and implementation of analytics to give them more usage data from their weblogs and from Gigya (Facebook login) to improve the usability of the website based on user click paths. Current analytic usage was negligible while they had bought and paid for many high-end analytic software packages but were not leveraging them to their fullest capacity.
  • - Large Online Reservation and Ticketing System in the Travel Industry
NET.ORANGE / NAANT HEALTHCARE March 12, 2012-June 8, 2012
User Experience Manager
5000 Quorum Drive Suite 400 Dallas, TX 75254 Greg Poe (972) 550-0568
Worked on the company's patented clinical Operating System (cOS™) leveraging existing legacy systems, such as electronic medical records (EMR), health information exchanges (HIE) and claims, in real-time, to allow hospitals, physician practices, employers and payors to work together and thrive in a value-driven accountable healthcare environment, regardless of the payment model. cOS-powered applications provide predictive analytics and care coordination workflows for all stakeholders in the care continuum; Including physicians and their staff, hospital administrators, community care providers, disease and wellness management coaches, health plan administrators, patients and their caregivers. Immediate benefits include reduced readmission and a significantly enhanced visibility into real-time constraints such as personnel and facilities, and to the success/risk factors for profitably participating in value-based purchasing and bundled payment (ACO) models.
PERFICIENT, INC. August 23, 2010 - March 12, 2012
Lead User Experience Engagement Manager
5465 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024 Reference: Scott Roush (972) 212-8900
As a part of the National User Experience Practice I was engaged on a number of top fortune 500 projects where I led the efforts to build out applications across many fortune 500 industries for widely different user bases and industries. I built touch screen POS applications, Business-to-Business applications, websites that worked in tandem with mobile and tablet technology, huge help desk applications seen by millions. I also worked data rich applications, and for companies managing properties across the world. I also worked on White House Projects and government projects. I was even put in place of a director for Fossil for all “new development” and while everyone’s stock went down with the Tsunami, Fossil’s stock doubled due to all their online sales. Once that was accomplished Fossil handed me every website they owned to improve upon and make stellar.
Advance Auto Parts
(Lead UX Architect & Engagement Manager) Interface with the Business Owners doing analysis, design, and enhancements for the "Find It Fast" application slated to replace their existing Point of Sales Application in over 300 stores, which is intended to also serve as a kiosk in stores and eventually be online, and replace their POS Application. I led a team of over 40 resources consisting of UX Designers, Developers, DBAs, Business Analysts, and mixed resources from Perficient, AAP, and other agencies. I was also the Engagement Manager - managing the resources on site that were working to redesign the company intranet, and extranet resources.
(Lead UX Architect) Participated in analysis, design, and enhancements for a business to business application cross selling other companies' products alongside Dell's for computers, laptop and other hardware. Designed and tested high-fidelity wireframes of the application for Business Owners to use in sales pitches and User Testing and Training. Also conducted a training class in Axure to get developers, designers, and Business Analysts up to speed to start prototyping the application and capturing the requirements in one location collaboratively.
Progress Energy:
Progress Energy
(Lead UX Architect) Participated in every phase of the site conception from mood boarding, wireframing, to high-fidelity comps and detailed functional wireframes and user testing, user acceptance testing, analysis of user patterns through analytics and testing, design, and enhancements based on the user studies, web logs and analytics. Was involved in every aspect of this project from combining three companies into one entity with visual preference testing for the look/feel, to wireframing, prototyping, and hi-fidelity mock-ups and design of their website, tablet and mobile applications.
Lenovo IBM
(Lead UX Designer) Led a 7 person team doing analysis, design, enhancements, testing of a customer facing and call center application to troubleshoot and provide warranty parts replacement for computers, laptop and other hardware. Designed and delivered the final high fidelity mockups and participated in the wire framing, requirement gathering, and hi-fidelity design comps.
First Data Corp:
First Data Corporation
(Lead UX Architect) Led the team doing analysis, redesign, enhancements and testing of a customer facing and call center applications to troubleshoot and determine the best way to approach uniting all their internal one off applications built for credit card processing. Participated in User Testing, Contextual Interviews, A/B Testing, Wireframing, Mood Boarding and Data Analysis.
Cassidy Turley:
First Data Corporation
(Front End Development) Led a team doing HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Front End Development based on Hi-Fidelity PhotoShop Comps of the design to implement on the Corporate Extra-net, and consumer facing website. (6-15-2011)
Career One Stop
DEED White House Project for Unemployment Benefits (Lead UX Architect) Participated in functional wire framing of the Reemployment section of the Website for Unemployed people reaching the end of their benefits. This was a project commissioned last minute by the White House to address the needs of users losing their Unemployment Benefits (referred to as 96'ers), that would need more help finding jobs and other benefits. Banners on and other government agency websites would be pointed and redirected to this site for information. I was told that the Secretary of State reviewed the site we created and gave us kudos! It was a very short lead time, 2 weeks, from conception to completion.
Fossil - Watch Station Project
Acted as the Director of new development at Fossil for multiple teams of internal and external (Perficient) resources for the new website where all the Watch Brands Fossil sells in house would live on one site. The website worked with the individual brands to create a unique site providing a branded microsite as well as sell their products inline with all of the other brands Fossil distributes. I also worked on the Diesel international websites, and worked on making all of the International websites for Fossil brand in Japan, Germany, Italy and many more countries. This was due to the success of working with the Product Managers to re-shoot all of their products and utilize Triggered APIs to put products on the top of the website and categories based on popularity. This resulted in FOssil Stock being doubled in the middle of a tsunami! Check it out I don't lie! After the success of the Fossil site I was handed every site Fossil owned to be put on this platform.
RCG, IT February 16, 2010-August 20, 2010
Contractor: UI Designer, UX Architect, Creative Consultant & SiteCore Developer
3900 N. Dallas Pkwy Suite 150 Plano, TX 75093 Eric Brown (972) 244-6250
Contracted to the the Boy Scouts of America National Headquarters to re-brand their national website, work on new web strategies, and reorganize their intranet and council operations websites that are internal to the organization. Designed, implemented and built applications within their SiteCore and SharePoint Environment. Roles included: Information Architect, User Interface Designer, and User Experience Designer; building design mock-ups, prototypes, user test cases, workflows and wireframes.
Boy Scouts:
Boy Scouts of America
Responsible for contributing and helping design/update the National Boy Scouts website while designing and implementing prototypes into the live Site Core environment. Also actively worked on the intranet building various Workflows and Wireframes for demonstration and planning purposes.
COLLABERA August 2009-December 2009
Contractor: Creative Consultant & Java Developer
1707 Market Pl. Blvd Suite 280 Irving, TX 75063 Cashmira Contractor (214) 687-0700
Consulted for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. Application design and implementation for BCBS sales. The EPP application was being built to compile all of the elected benefits and the individual employee's enrollment information into one tool that could accurately forecast what a large fortune 100 company would pay for benefits for their employees. As a consultant I worked directly with the Business Owners (High level Management in charge of the overall application decisions) to design, implement and build interlocking applications within their Java Environment utilizing RAD7 and CVS code repositories in their development environments. Roles included; Information Architect, User Interface Designer, and Lead User Interface Designer. Activities: HTML/CSS generation, Java development, building design mockups, prototypes, user test cases, and wireframes.
Responsible for contributing to design/update the EPP, and BA Applications while responsible for implementing those html/css prototypes into the live Java Development environment using a CVS code repository to check in/out code. Documented and helped build out a Flash reporting tool for management that reported on the utilization of the website and how much money was sitting in queue to be processed and/or sales lost. I also actively worked on the BCBS intranet building various Flash movies for demonstration and training purposes.
RED RIVER SOLUTIONS April 2009-August 2009
1099 Contractor: User Interface Designer, Information Architect & Developer
14800 Quorum Drive Suite 325 Dallas, TX 75254 (972) 715-6100
DotNetNuke Website Installation, custom design and integration, some wireframing and workflows:
Red River Solutions
Dot Net Nuke Website on a Windows Server.
VIGNETTE CORPORATION November 2007-January 2009
VPS: Senior User Experience Engagement Manager
1301 S. MoPac Expwy Suite 100 Austin, TX 78746 Adam Doti (512) 741-4300
As a member of Vignette Professional Services I worked with Vignette clients to collaboratively design, implement and build applications within the Vignette CMS on various versions and environments. I worked with educational institutions, Insurance companies, Health Aid companies, NASA a lot of entertainment companies and news agencies, even culinary and large data driven applications that mange 401k stock investment portfolios and credit card applications. Vignette was bought by OpenText so for a time I worked independently to finish an application started for HMA to deploy to over 300 Hospitals on the East Coast. *Some projects are not listed because they were with the Department of Defense or I signed a Confidentiality Agreement. Vignette Training: Vignette Portal 7.3- Foundation- Managing Portal Server and Sites (Dec. 10- 12, 2007) Vignette Content 7.4- Foundation Building Content Management Applications (Dec. 4-6, 2007)
Responsible for implementing the new UI design for the UTSW website on A Java Based Vignette Portal. The site re-design project in Vignette Portal acting as a UI Designer and liaison between developers, business owners and a design firm to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented and coded as documented. Was also the CSS and UI Guru implementing the design into the Vignette Portal application JSP pages and Flash video players, banners, and dynamic XML Flash Actionsripts.
Responsible for implementing the UI for the new "Discounts" section. Worked on the overall site re-skinning project while acting as a liaison between developers, business owners and designers to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented while maintaining existing and providing additional documentation. This included hands on development and implementation of CSS, JavaScript and other AJAX controls into the JSP Portlets with Flash banners, and Flash Actionsripting. Also developed a Mobile Application for claims and accident reporting. This was the very first mobile application to allow users to take pictures of the damage done to their car, submit the information, get a claim started and set up an appointment for repair and view the status of their repairs.
Health Management Associates Inc: Responsible for the entire UI design and implementing a new Vignette Portal built to replace their current PULSE system for physicians to handle the day to aspects of dealing with Patients in a hospital environment. Plans were to roll out the Physicians Portal to over 300 Hospitals replacing the McKesson Application in hospitals they were buying from McKesson. Designed; workflows, Use Case scenarios, Functional Wireframes, and high fidelity mockups for the site design. After being laid off from Vignette the client engaged me directly as a contractor through a Vignette partner to continue to implement the site I designed into the JSP Portlets developed by an off shore team and some local talent.
Red Cross:
Led the User Experience and re-branding effort for the American Red Cross corporate organizational website. Was the liaison between developers, business owners and designers to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented while providing a lot of that documentation and implementing the new design into the Vignette Portal application by hands on coding CSS into the new JSP Portlets.
Implemented design changes into the website by touching existing Java code, CSS, JSP Portlets, while developing UI wireframes, and other Information Architecture Documentation to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented into the Vignette CMS. Fun fact, the website went live with a live video feed of NASA hitting a comet with a rocket to gather intelligence on the composition of a comet, meanwhile Victoria's Secret was going live with their first ever live podcast of their "Angels" Lingerie Show. We beat them by 500 million hits! We deduced there were more geeks than freaks in the world! We had over 25 servers ready and had to only turn on 5 to balance the load! Cisco was onsite and showed us the web and it's usage as the sites went live, it was really cool to see the internet light up when the videos were going live and to see the traffic as it was happening live!
  • - Government Website that gets 3.8 billion hits annually
Travel Channel:
Implemented design changes into the website by touching existing Java code, CSS and JSP Portlets. I developed UI wireframes, and other Information Architecture Documentation to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented into the Vignette CMS.
NBC iCue:
Responsible for implementing UI elements within a design built by another firm for the NBC iCue Team to insert a new JSP portlet into the Vingette website while adhering to the company's branding and astringent requirements.
Responsible for implementing the UI elements from a design built by another firm for the PepsiCo Team to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented by moving hard coded HTML into the Vignette CMS application and implementing the CSS into JSP portlets within the site.
Martha Stewart:
Implemented design changes into the website by touching existing Java code, CSS, JSP Portlets, while developing UI wireframes, and other Information Architecture Documentation to ensure new branding and requirements are implemented as documented into the Vignette CMS Application.
Fox Business:
Responsible for implementing a design built by another firm for the Fox Business News Team and into the Vignette JSP Portlets to ensure new branding and requirements are integrated as documented. Led the VPS Services team to deduce why the Fox team was not being successful in training people to take the place of VPS resources on site. Once on site I determined that FOX was giving Vignette interns to train and not senior level developers and was instrumental in determining to pull all of VPS resources out of the FOX project.
Grant Thornton:
Consultant on the User Experience and re-branding effort for Grant Thornton’s corporate internet site. Liaison between Java developers and business owners to ensure new branding and requirements were implemented as documented.
GE Money:
Developed design comps, workflows, wireframes, and implementing the User Interface Design into the Vignette CMS and JSP portlets custom coded for the environment.
COMTEK GROUP June 2007-November 2007
Contractor: UI Designer, IA & Site Core Web Developer
1565 N. Central Expy Suite 200 Richardson, TX 75080 Dan Patterson (972) 644-6600
Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Ektron, and SitecoreCMS Specialist
  • Premier Healthcare Providers Corporate Website Redesign - utilizing Ektron an external companies' CMS and Axure for Wireframe Development
  • Premier Healthcare Providers 3 Subsidiary Website Redesigns - utilizing Ektron an external companies' CMS and Axure for Wireframe Development
  • Express Scripts - A Pharmaceutical Company that provides 3 months supplies of a patient's drugs at a time, redesign and redeploy their application on the Sitecore 6.0 platform utilizing .Net 3.5, SOAP, XSL, Silverlight, and AJAX
  • Vail Resorts - User Experience Brief for the Vail Colorado Resorts
  • Cymbalta - - IA on various functional aspects of the website.
  • Mezavant Sales Aid for UEGW Conference - Workflows, Wireframes, and Flash Actionsript development for a touch screen interactive sales aid for the UEGW conference is Paris, France
  • Johnson & Johnson - Competitive Site Reviews of 5 DePuy websites that are arthritis related
  • Kimberly Clark - Competitive Site Reviews of Huggies, Kleenex, and Scott Tissues
TRUE SOLUTIONS INC. February 2007-June 2007
Director of Marketing & Application Development (CMO)
5001 LBJ Freeway Suite 125 Dallas, TX 75244 CEO: Wes Balakian (972) 770-0900
Network Administrator, Manager, Marketing Collateral Designer, Application Developer; JavaScript, Perl, PHP, HTML, ASP, VB, XML, ACT, Sharepoint, and osCommerce.
True Solutions Inc.
Marketing, Network Administrator, Manager, Collateral Designer, Application Developer; JavaScript, Perl, PHP, HTML, ASP, VB, XML, ACT, Sharepoint.
  • True Solution Website - PHP osCommerce Website that was designed by Leve10 that was inherited with many security issues, lack of SSL certificates, and needed to be customized to function as it was intended.
  • Network Redesign (Sanitized PDF) - Managed the redesigned and redeployment of the entire the Server/Network Infrastructure:
    • 2 Linux Web servers
    • 1 Exchange Server
    • 1 SQL Application Server to run SQL, ACT, and Sharepoint
    • 1 Backup Server
  • 1 Windows Web Server
  • Sharepoint - Installation and intranet deployed not configured and complete.
  • ACT - Redeployed and integrated to use SQL and share a database with Sharepoint and the Website.
  • Marketing - Redesign and redeployment of all Marketing Collateral, Ads and Web Marketing efforts.
User Interface Designer, Information Architect & Developer
14911 Quorum Drive Dallas, TX 75254 Denise Wilbanks (972) 392-8200
User Interface Design, JAVA, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, HTML, JSP, XML, Manugistics, iSeries, developing in Websphere Development Studio (WSDS) and utilizing Springfor database calls while transitioning legacy code from the AS400 developed applications.
  • Manugistics - Redesigned the "out of the box" Manugistics Application.
  • AS400 On Call Database - User Interface Design for the PHP Help Desk Application for on call for AS400 Issues (Internal Website not viewable outside the Firewall).
  • Customer Invoice Inquiry - User Interface Design for Java application for customers to view their invoices online (in progress).
  • Weighted Averages - Created the User Interface Design for a New Java Application for the Distributors to use to determine the best prices to charge the end consumers (in progress).
  • Trade Development Knowledge Cellar - User Interface Design forJava Application that allows the "Trade Development" people to share and collaborate data online.
  • Glazers Information Systems - Created the User Interface Design - PHP Portal and Forums for the Application Development Teams (Internal Website not viewable outside the Firewall).
  • Developer Committee Website - Designed a Website for the Developer Committees.
  • Portfolio Page - Glazer Projects in my portfolio
ZSI CONSULTING April 2005-November 2005
Contractor : UI Designer, IA / Siebel, Remedy, PHP & Java Developer
17300 Dallas Pkwy Suite 3190 Dallas, TX 75248 (972) 267-8999
Contracting for ZSI client:
XO Communications:
JavaScript, User Interface Design, Perl, PHP, Oracle, Siebel, Remedy.
  • http://rnrtool - Designed Internal portal website to take all of XO client’s information and make it easier to access for the Call Center and Customer Service Representatives. Various tools were designed to achieve this goal, line testing, customer databases, integration with Siebel, Remedy and VB.Net applications built onsite to combine customer data for a centralized call center.
  • Remedy - Integration of a custom application into the Remedy system to pull user information from acquired companies for one central database where call center data can be stored and manipulated
AIR PATROL AC February 2005-April 2005
Contractor: User Interface Designer, Information Architect & VB Developer
1321 Valwood Pkwy Suite 400 Carrollton, TX 75006 (214) 261-0034
Site design,SQL product database, and various ASP/VBscript forms handling data:
Corporate: ASP Pages, VBscript and a SQLdatabase of the fireplaces, and accessories online.
PECO FACET November 2004-January 2005
Contractor: User Interface Designer, Information Architect & VB/JSP Developer
P.O. Box 640 Mineral Wells, TX 76068 CIO: Brian Czajkowski (940) 325-2575
Total Site Redesign and Deployment:
Total Site redesign and deployment. Novell Netware server running Apache web services, so the forms were PHP utilizing a MySQLdatabase, all custom coded and I created the site design for the client, and did everything from installation to implementation.
AAA AIR SERVICE December 2004-January 2005
Contractor: User Interface Designer, Information Architect & VB/JSP Developer
1509 Fawn Hollow Cts Allen, TX 75002 (214) 544-8555
New Site Design and Deployment:
Corporate: ASP Pages on an NT server running IIS Web Services. Utlizing SQLfor a database.
  • - Corporate Website (no longer view-able)
RS INTEREST November 2003-January 2004
Contractor: User Interface Designer, Information Architect & Developer
P.O. Box 210904 Bedford, TX 76095
Contracting for the following RSI Clients:
Building wire frames, card tables, and HTML, JAVA, XHTML, and CSSfor the Travelocity Business Portal
PFSWEB, INC. April 2001-May 2003
User Interface Designer, Information Architect / VB and .Net Developer
500 N. Central Expwy Plano, TX 75074 CIO: Mike Willoughby (972) 881-2900
Designed and maintained PFSweb Intranet, PFSweb Corporate Website, and eCommerce Websites for PFSweb clients:
Responsible for designing and maintaining interface compliance with current HP SNF2 and HP SNF3 Marketing standards. I was also responsible for User Interface Design of the shopping cart and acting as a direct liaison with the client. Development of a web-based custom VB and ASPmaintenance application.
  • - Pro-curve Direct B2C eCommerce Site
  • - Procurve Platinum B2C Partners Resellers eCommerce Site
  • - HPDPT Retail Photo eCommerce Site
  • HP Portfolio Page - Screen Shots of locked down applications within my portfolio.
College Board:
Responsible for designing the entire User Interface and working within a team of VBdevelopers to implement the website, also acted as liaison with the client.
Responsible for re-designing then maintaining the entire Rogaine user interface in VB utilizing ASP and VB scripts calling to a SQLdatabase, also acted as liaison with the client.
Responsible for designing the eCommerce site and implementing in 24 hours notice due to high demand of the US Olympic Gear line. This site was a custom built CMS application made in VB with JSP and ASP connecting to SQLdatabase and a backend into the warehouse that was JD Edwards, all items were tracked to the SKU level.
  • - Retail eCommerce Site selling clothing, accessories, furniture...
Responsible for re-designing the eCommerce sites and implementing it with a team of developers in
  • - IBM Print B2C USA eCommerce Site
  • - IBM Europe B2C eCommerce Site (Unavailable Now)
Smithsonian: Responsible for designing and maintaining the interface and working with a team of developers to implement while being a main liaison with the client to make certain the sites had the functionality they required and the team had the skills to provide this functionality. Also includes development of web-based custom maintenance application in utilizing JSP, ASP, and VB connecting to both a SQLdatabase and an AS400.
Responsible for redesigning the interface and working with a team of developers to implement while being a main liaison with the client to make certain the sites had the functionality they required and the team had the skills to provide this functionality. Also includes development of a VBweb-based custom maintenance application
Three custom application were created for Intel, utilizing ASP pages, VBscript and a SQL database that interfaces with the ERP backend. Some XML was utlized in the merchant cart interface and uses com objects to identify users when logging in and purchasing.
LEAPNET, INC. May 2000-March 2001
Java, Blue Martini & Broadvision Web Developer / Manager II
420 West Huron Chicago, IL 60610 (312) 528-2400
Developed and maintained LEAPnet Intranet and eCommerce Websites for LEAPnet clients:
Warranty Superstore:
Responsible for designing the User Interface and working with a team of developers to implement while being a main liaison with the client. This site was a promotional site to sell "Hoop Cats" a toy depicted in a FlashGame where cats were used as Basket Balls. It integrated with the game giving the user a discount based upon their game score.
Brunswick Bowling:
Responsible for designing the User Interface and working with a team of developers to implement while being a main liaison with the client. This site was a combination of Flash Actionsript and eCommerce, designed to resell to Bowling Alleys in Blue Martini.
Responsible for designing the User Interface and working with a team of developers to implement this BroadvisioneCommerce Website.
Sam's Club:
Responsible for designing the User Interface and working with a team of developers to implement this BroadvisioneCommerce Website.
Hewlett Packard:
Responsible for designing the User Interface and working with a team of developers to implement this BroadvisioneCommerce Website.
ADDCON, INC. November 1999-May 2000
Internet Evangelist & UX Manager
1651 N. Collins Blvd Suite #1 Richardson, TX 75080 (972) 235-2760
Graphics, Web Page Development, Web Sales:
Responsible for the User Interface for the Marketing Website with cutom built VB on ASPpages.
Global IC:
Responsible for maintenance of eCommerce Websie
  • - eCommerce Site (no longer online) - Site Retired
FAIRFIELD RESIDENTIAL, INC. May 1999-November 1999
Senior Domino Web Developer & Web Mistress
2045 N. Hwy 360 Suite 250 Grand Prairie, TX 75050 Jim Hendricks (817) 816-9437
Graphics, Web Page, Corporate Intranet Development, and Technical (Web) Support:
Responsible for User Interface on the Marketing Website, for the specific use of Properties Managed by Fairfield Residentiall LLC bult in Lotus Notes on a Domino Web Server
Intranet: Responsible for designing the Lotus Notes 4.6 Databases made viewable via Domino Web Server Intranet Website. Designedfor the specific use of Properties to enter Managment Data.
Free Rent:
Responsible for the User Interface of over 100 websites each specificially aligned with Marketing materials for each property owned by Fairfield Residential LLC in Lotus Notes on a Domino Web Server
Web Guru (Nucleus)
4851 Keller Spgs Rd. Suite 228 Dallas, TX 75248 (972) 733-0704
Worked in many capacities as a Web Developer, Supported Web Site Hosting Functions, ISP Support for ISDN, T1 and Dial Up Connections:

Created the User Interface for a 56 page ’Tech Support’ area on External Marketing Website
  • - Coldfusion Marketing Website (no longer viewable)
Created the User Interface and maintained an eCommerce ColdfusionWebsite designed to sell Dilbert paraphernalia.
Created the User Interface and maintained an eCommerce Aution Website built in Coldfusion
  • - eComerce Website
Mattress Giant:
Created the User Interface and maintained a ColdfusionMarketing Website