I hope you enjoy looking at my site and seeing some of the projects I have been privileged to work on with other talented and intelligent people, each project is a team effort and I have enjoyed working on every project and have had to grow in so many ways and I continue to learn so many things! I hope this website helps you understand what it is I do, and can gain some knowledge yourself.

I like what I do, and I do it for the creative outlet. A well thought out solution that is thought provoking and is tailored to make a company not only sell product, but streamline the processes involved, is a work of art.

 – Faith Warren



My blog talks about the latest trends in User Experience Concepts, The Digital Experience Design Process, Human Computer Interactions, Information Architecture, Quality Assurance Testing, Content Audit & Analysis and much much more!


This section is dedicated to my resume and links to actual examples of work I have done for fortune 500 companies.  There is assets like actual working Axure Prototypes, HTML Prototypes, documents, or images of the prototypes for you to view!


This links directly to posts I have dedicated to being Portfolio pieces!  I Show the design process from Sample Techniques, Mobile Design, to Shadow Mock Ups and much more!


Advance Auto Parts
American First Finance
American Airlines
American Red Cross
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Boy Scouts of America
California AAA
Cassidy Turley
College Board
Dell - Integridy
First Data Corporation
Fox Business News
GE Money
Glazer's Wholesale Liquor Distribution
Grant Thornton
Hewlett Packard


About My Website

Welcome to my website! I designed this website to showcase my talent as a Director of UX including and not limited to; Application Development, Graphical Design, Information Architect, User Interface Designer, and Senior Creative Consultant.

I have worked with so many driven corporate identities I know how to integrate well thought out designs that conform to their astringent guidelines while maintaining my creative touch. Click some of these logos to see my work!

I use this website to help people better understand what a UX does. As a UE/UI/UX Designer, Architect, and Director there is a whole arsenal of tools I use, and a lot of practices that I bridge in order to be effective in what I do. You will see that I have a lot of programming languages listed, and a lot of Content Management Applications. The reason for this is that in order to do my job I have had to become intimately familiar with these tools and languages. I have to know what comes “out of the box” for Content Management Applications so I can identify the pieces that need to be custom coded. In order to put the design into these applications and into to the code I have had to learn the languages they are written in, and where I need to put my code to make the application look as the client desires. I have been forced to become a developer in some instances in order to do what I love, which is build applications for a wide variety of business models.

I interact with the “Business Owners” to gather the requirements and function as an Information Architect building Wire frames, Workflows, User Personas and and a QA Analyst building Test Cases and doing moderated and un-moderated testing, and do my very best to be the “User Advocate”. I try to make an application that is appealing and easily understood by the audience that is intended to use it, while keeping in mind all of the processes the “Business Owners” are trying to build into the application to make their jobs easier.

I flourish in an environment where I am being challenged to learn a new business model and find ways to improve their business processes, and I love my job! It shows in my work and in the attitudes of the people I have worked with. I like to think of every project as a challenge and love working with a team to achieve success. Each project requires a different mix of talents and I am excited to go into a project and see which cap I will wear that day, and work positively with people in whatever way I can to get the job done.

Martha Stewart
NBC iCue
Perry Equipment Company
Pepsi Co.
Progress Energy
Roots (Canada)
Sams Club
The Smithsonian
Travel Channel
True Solutions Inc.
University of Texas South West
Wal Mart

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